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Will Brennan Propose to Booth? Bones Interview With Producer Hart Hanson

We might still be reeling over David Boreanaz (Booth)’s performance in yesterday’s episode of Bones, but executive producer Hart Hanson isn't giving us a chance to calm down.

First of all, Hanson said, just to clear the air, the whole “halo around the baseball seats” thing was not a resurgence of Booth’s brain tumor. So we can all breathe a sigh of relief about not having to go down that harrowing road again. And if anyone thought that perhaps the thing Brennan (Emily Deschanel) could give Booth that no one else could was an engagement ring... well, it’s understandable, because Hanson had every intention of planting that perception. “We’re awful that way.” So will there be a proposal in the near future?! Hanson: “It could happen. Or, it might not.” ARG!

In the “less urgent” department, Hanson took a moment to bemoan the fact that Boreanaz and Deschanel are totally underrated as actors. “They jump from humor to pathos within a scene,” Hanson rhapsodized. “David is like James Garner or Cary Grant, so charming, and then he turns around [and guts you].” As for the final scene last night, “[w]e all went, ‘Well, holy s---, look at that[.]” Yeah, that about sums it up!

So has Booth made peace with his dad, then? Not exactly, Hanson warns: while this catharsis “frees him going forward,” the fact remains that Booth “never set it right with his father, and now there’s no chance.” But with this show-stopping performance out of the way, Hanson’s had enough of Booth’s dad — now he’s more interested in Booth’s mom. “That’s a good story that we have in our hip pocket.”

Knowing how Hanson loves to zip his lips, we may not hear anything substantial on Booth’s mother for quite some time. But we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Oh, and PS: Bones has officially cast the nanny for Booth’s and Brennan’s baby! Naturally, Hanson’s keeping quiet about this one, too, but he’s opened up the floor for guesses. Any predictions? Jane Lynch, maybe?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

12.3.2011 / 03:55 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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