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The Bachelor

Former Bachelor Jason Mesnick on Ben Flajnik’s Season — Exclusive Interview

It’s been almost three years since Jason Mesnick’s turn as The Bachelor. Although he’s best known for The Most Dramatic Finale ever, changing his mind from Melissa Rycroft to Molly Mesnick, he is also the only successful Bachelor to date. He’s been married to Molly — now Molly Mesnick — since February 2010, after proposing to her in New Zealand. Since then, Jason, Molly and Jason’s son Ty have been living a quieter life in the Seattle area, where Jason works part-time for the travel wholesale group Down Under Answers.

Jason’s been to Australia several times and recently came back from a two week trip to southern Oz and Tasmania. (Molly had to stay home for work and Ty was busy as a first-grader in elementary school.) In mid-November, Wetpaint caught up with the Season 13 Bachelor to get details on his trip, as well as suggestions on how others can have a Bachelor-worthy adventure on the cheap(ish). He also shared his e-mail address,, for anyone wanting to know the best times to head Down Under.

Jason also talked about his — and buddy Kiptyn Locke’s — “Mo Bro” mustaches for Movember and explained why he probably won’t be watching Ben Flajnik take his turn as The Bachelor when Season 16 starts on Jan. 2.

Wetpaint: Are you and Molly going to watch Ben’s upcoming season of The Bachelor?

Jason: I’m sure. She’s a huge fan of the show. I, on the other hand, I feel like I know too much. On top of that it’s kind of right through Ty’s bedtime. It’s on from 8 to 10 and from 8 to 9 is kind of when I’m putting Ty to bed, bedtimes stories and all that kind of stuff. I don’t stay and watch every episode but I definitely know what’s going on throughout the season and if something’s really good she usually lets me know. But Molly is definitely in on it.

When is your next trip?

I don’t know. I mean, I usually go to Australia and New Zealand a couple times a year. The company also does Africa, so Molly and I went on our honeymoon to South Africa. I’m hoping to go back there at some point soon. But all I have in the books right now is Las Vegas. Molly and I are running a Las Vegas half marathon, the Rock ‘n’ Roll series they do all over the country, so we’ve done a few of those. So when I was in Australia, every other morning I’d have to wake up and start my training, so I’d be running through the outback of Australia.

How did you get involved with Down Under Answers?

The season of The Bachelor I was on, we filmed in New Zealand. And when I got back, the travel company [rep], he was actually in discussions with The Bachelor to kind of help facilitate some of the travel arrangements and whatnot. I had known him as an acquaintance a few years ago and he just surprised me and said, “Hey, what are you working on now? Are you interested in something in the travel industry?” I’ve always been a passionate traveler — out of college, and my previous before-child life, I’d backpack anywhere around the world. And I had never been to Australia at that point. In the last year and a half I’ve been there four times now, I think.

Are you guys going to do the marriage thing again — didn’t you renew your vows last time?

Yeah, I don’t know if we’re going to. They kind of asked us to do that at the last minute. … Right now we’re actually hoping to run it, ‘cause last time we did that we had to stop for about an hour. I just got back from the gym, I’ve been running every other day to try and get my miles up to get ready to run this thing.

What else are you up to, when not traveling or running?
I’ve still got my non-profit to help single parents, called Project Parachute, and I’m in the midst of — so in Australia, and it’s kind of here a little bit, Movember. Do you know what that is?

You're a "Mo Bro?"

I’m a Mo Bro! So Kiptyn — of The Bachelor crew, Kipytn and I have stayed in pretty good contact with each other. He asked me to be a part of his Mo Bro team. It’s my first mustache and, I’ve got to say, outside of this I don’t think I’d have one. I remember when we were filming The Bachelor in New Zealand, like, three years ago it was right over Movember and the whole crew had ‘em. I remember I shaved one one time and one of the producers — the executive producer Martin almost decked me when he saw it. He’s like “We do not do that on The Bachelor!” So I was like, “Well, I’ll do it again.”

What does Molly say about it?

At first she hated it, but I think in the back of her mind I think she’s kind of indifferent at the moment. I think her fear is — her friends have told her, any of her friends that have a husband or boyfriend or anything with a mustache, she always warns them that it starts to smell like a food, which is not a good thing. Mine’s not that long yet but if it starts smelling like Chinese food that’s probably not a good thing!

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12.4.2011 / 10:57 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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