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Who Is David Boreanaz? Glee Season 3, Episode 7 Pop Culture References

Namedrops abound on Glee. More often than not, a famous person's name is used as an insult to take someone down a peg or two — and that's something we totally support! To help you keep it all straight, we've compiled a list of the names and pop culture references deemed important enough to be dropped by Glee characters in Season 3, Episode 7: “I Kissed a Girl.” Did you catch them all?

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Santana: I’m kind of like the Incredible Hulk.

Santana: If you suspend me, I won’t be able to beat Grimace and Mr. Schue’s butts.

Santana: Hamburglar Finn is fine.

Rachel: I haven’t been this worried about a vote since Lambert vs. Allen.

Kurt: When Kennedy ran against Nixon in 1960, he had all his mob buddies in Chicago stuff the ballot bosses so he would win Illinois.

Sue: Why would someone assume I’m a friend of Ellen, just because I’m mannish, and highly aggressive, and have short hair, and I only wear track suits, and I coach a girls’ sport, and I married myself?

Sue: Dan Quayle — too needy. Stephen Baldwin — train wreck. Oliver North — biter. Matt Lauer — too much crying. Johnnie Cochran — pretty sure he’s dead. [Pause.] Eureka, that’s the kinda guy I need! Better luck next time, David Boreanaz.

Finn: A few weeks ago, some kid who made one of those It Gets Better videos killed himself.

Sue: It’s a reporter from USA Today — a newspaper for people who can’t read.

Sue: So why don’t you just hurry on to your next face-widening session at the John Travolta Institute for Head-Thickening and Facial Weight Gain.

Kurt: It’s not fair — the difference between my dreams coming true and managing a Sonic burger depends on how many people check a stupid box.

Santana: I just have to tell my abuela before she sees that stupid commercial, but luckily, she only watches Univision.

Puck: I’m like that Beautiful Mind guy without all the crazy.

Puck: I live a somewhat active lifestyle — judo, paintball — which mean I’ve had more stitches than Frankenstein.

Puck: I was like frickin’ Wolverine.

Cooter: How bad was it?
Sue: Dukakis bad.

Sue: This is between me and Brian Dennehy.

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12.4.2011 / 01:30 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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