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The X Factor

Why Josh Krajcik Could Have Won The X Factor

Ah, burrito-slingin’ Josh Krajcik. The 30-year-old rock ‘n soul dude from Ohio first blew the judges away at his audition, singing a powerful version of the classic tune “At Last.” Then Josh kept himself squarely in the spotlight, turning in excellent performances during the boot camp and judges’ houses rounds.

It was in the Top 17 show, though, that Josh officially became a force to be reckoned with, as he delivered a stunning, near-acapella rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young.” The performance resulted in judge Paula telling Josh he has one of her favorite voices of the last decade. High praise, and they kept loving him, and he sailed through.

Aside from a wealth of talent, the other thing Josh had working in his favor is his nice guy, Everyman quality. He’s not a hard-luck case, no real sob story, but he’s just an average guy, paying the bills with a food service gig while he works at his music. He’s a father, he’s close with his mom, and he comes across as slightly edgy but still relatively clean-cut. He’s also a decent-looking guy, in a low-key, approachable way.

What did you think? Making it to the final two was a real achievement, but should he have walked away with the big prize?

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12.4.2011 / 06:30 PM EDT by Tracy Fusaro
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