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The Kardashians

Kourtney & Kim Take New York Recap of Season 2, Episode 2: Kim Kardashian Lashes Out at Khloe

On to round 2! Last week’s Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 1, Episode 1 ended in a pr-etty bad place. And by that we mean both of the males shacked up in the Gansevoort Hotel decided to up and leave! Scott Disick went M.I.A., and Kimmy K’s husband Kris did the same. However, Kris’ trip back to his roots took him to a much less enticing locale: Minnesota.

Tonight’s episode begins with Kim’s BFFs, PR execs Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck, checking out her swanky new (albeit temporary) NYC pad. While Kim’s pals are impressed with the digs, they’re not so keen on the fact that Kim’s hubby Kris is already hundreds of miles away. Kim isn’t the only sister with man/boy problems. Kourtney comes home from a day at the park with baby Mason and says she hasn’t spoken to Scott, who ran out on her in the last episode. She’s not alone, either: Scott’s been ditching everybody! Scott’s dad Jeff calls Kourtney to ask what’s up with the “nutcase” – who apparently isn’t answering his phone even when his own father's the one calling. The KDash fam is supposed to spend the last big weekend of summer in the Hamptons with Scott’s fam and Kourtney says that’s what they’ll do – with or without him.

Seriously though, who cares about Scott when Khloe is in town? Yup, everyone’s favorite tell-it-like-it-is Kardashian has flown cross-country to spend the weekend in the Hamptons! Well, at least we know this is gonna be a good time, even if the boys don't show back up.

Also, turns out Scott has talked to one person in the Kardashian kamp since running out on Kourt. Despite Khlo and Scott’s rocky past, she was the one he decided to call after his meltdown. According to Khlo, Scott feels like Kourtney thinks she can talk to him “whatever which way” she wants now that he’s drinking again. Khloe, playing peacemaker, told Scott Kourtney probably does have deep-seated issues after the “Miami” incident (which, if you recall, involved Scott flying off the handle and breaking a mirror, all with Mason in the next room). In Khloe's eyes, the baby daddy drama boils down to one simple thing: Scott needs attention. Speaking of, Kim and Kris could probably heed that same advice. Kourt and Khloe tell Kim point-blank that it’s weird her hubby is off in Minnesota – and not just for vacation, but like, for life – given that they’ve only been married like 2 weeks. Isn’t this supposed to be the best, most exciting time for them?

So, upon hearing her sisters tell it like it is, Kim decides not to go to the Hamptons, but to book a flight to Minnesota instead.

The next morning, Khloe wakes up her sleep-deprived reality princess of a big sister. Kim lashes out at her sister with some major morning crankiness. While Kim claims it’s because she’s been working 18-hour days (and we get it, we’ve been known to curse out people who wake us up before our alarms go off), Kourt and Khloe know better. Kourtney chalks it up to Kim’s anger over “being married to a barking dog.” “She’s on one,” Kourt says. But even as Kourt, Khlo and baby Mace are en route to the Hamptons, Kim’s craziness only escalates. She starts BBM’ing Khloe and calling her names (we like “dirty little troll” best) and accusing her of being spiteful and jealous. Oh, Kim. Project much? Thank God she’s flying to see her husband this weekend!

Then, the girls and Mace arrive at Scott’s parents in the Hamptons, still without having heard from the playboy himself. Despite Scott’s less-than-flattering behavior, we must say Scott’s parents are absolutely charming. Whodathunk such adorable people could birth such a pain in the ass? Anyway, Scott’s ‘rents say Scott actually is there with them. Wow. We can’t wait for this awkward convo!

Meanwhile, Kim is in Minnesota and super stoked to hang out with her husband. Very first thing, Kris crashes his big white SUV into a rock on the side of the driveway. Let’s hope that’s not an indication as to how this trip is gonna go! Kim starts by playing 20 questions with the NBA b-baller and asking him if he’s missed her and living in NYC. He says, “I’ve missed you.” We get it. We probably wouldn’t miss living with a screaming 2-year-old (or Scott Disick), either. Still, Kim seems a little disheartened her husband is so content without her.

Back in the Hamptons, Kourtney’s still dissing Scott and Khloe has to butt in and play therapist to encourage the twosome to work things out. Basically, Scott feels neglected by Kourtney. She’s always in Mama-mode and only care about one man in her life (read: Mason) and never spends any time with him. Normally we’d say “oh, boo-hoo, Scott, grow a pair” but honestly, Scott hasn’t been so bad lately. And in his defense, he and Kourtney don’t even sleep in the same bed. That’s bad. Kourtney doesn’t seem completely sold on the idea that she should put more focus on their relationship...but we’ll see.

In Minnesota, Kris is talking about his failing relationship with his trainer and even asks him to come out to NYC to help him workout. Unfortch, that’s a no-go. Luckily though, Kris and Kim still have the rest of the weekend to act like real husband and wife and do fun stuff like cook dinner together. And fight. Kris says if Kim was really “down for him” like Khloe is for Lamar, she’d stop working so much and basically follow him around/put her life on hold for him. Um, did we forget who the star of this show is, Kris? Kim quit working for you? Never. Gonna. Happen.

And Kris isn’t the only one comparing Khloe and Kim. Kourtney tells Khloe she thinks she and Kim are competitive. We don’t know about that, but it sure does piss Khloe off.

Then, Kim asks Kris to come back to NYC to be with her and all hell breaks loose. Kris says it’s easier for him to be in Minnesota to train and basically says living in separate cities is what’s best for him. Needless to say, this does NOT go over well with Kim. “I’ll Skype you to say bye,” she says before slamming the door on him. However, the explosive fight does lead to a conversation wherein both parties decide to look into other options besides, you know, living 2,000 miles away from each other. Could things be looking up for at least one couple on this show? As we well know, this quick fix doesn't work for long.

Actually, aside from Kourtney’s OCD causing minor issues with Scott’s mom, Kourt and Scott are getting along now, too. She even asks him out on a real date! Aww.

Then, “the Hump is back” in NYC. Now, with all the other relationship issues semi-resolved, the only lingering problem is between Khloe and Kim, who are barely speaking at this point. In fact, Khloe leaves NYC without exchanging so much as one word with the reality princess. Uh-oh! Actually, we can’t say we’re surprised. With this family, the drama never ends.

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