Madonna Confirmed as Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Performer, But Is She the Best Choice?
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Madonna Confirmed as Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Performer, But Is She the Best Choice?

It's official: Madonna will be playing the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVI.

Now, we love and respect Madonna as much as the next pop-obsessed music junkie, but we're not digging this choice. Sure, she's an icon, but who exactly is she appealing to at halftime?

In recent years, many of the halftime performers have been tailored to the older generation (and the nostalgic, classic rock loving amongst younger football fans). If your goal is to cater to the middle-aged men drinking beer and eating wings, acts like Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, and The Who make a certain amount of sense.

Last year marked a switch in strategy: the Black Eyed Peas were given the coveted spot, in what seemed to be an attempt to reach a broader base amongst the younger generations, and maybe pull in viewers who don't care so much about the sport.

Madonna, however, is stuck in the nether-region between these two poles. Everyone knows who she is, but she's hardly the first choice for the traditional football fan-base. At the same time, we can't imagine younger fans scrambling to tune in just for the chance to seem Madonna play a few songs.

If the football Powers That Be are going to go pop, we they should pick a more current artist. Here are a couple of choices we think would have been better. Maybe next year?

Beyonce: Beyonce isn't quite as big as Madonna, but she comes very close to that level of name recognition, and skews younger in appeal.

Jay Z and Kanye West: Kanye had the most Grammy nominations of any artist this year, which would have made this powerhouse hip-hop duo a very relevant choice.

Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga has enough buzz that even otherwise uninterested older viewers might be persuaded to tune in to see what crazy stunt she'd pull.

Taylor Swift: Taylor's a huge country crossover hit, with an enormous younger fan base and enough sweetness and accessibility to appeal to older viewers as well.

Justin Bieber: This is either a brilliant or terrible idea. Either way, it would get attention.

The Voice Coaches: The Voice is one of NBC's few hits, and Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton are all respectable artists in their own right. Why not try a little intra-network promotion?

Those are just a few of the names that immediately popped into our heads when we heard the news. Who do you think should have been chosen? Vote in our poll and weigh in at our Facebook page.

Source: MSNBC

12.5.2011 / 11:14 PM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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