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The X Factor

Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger Receiving Death Threats For Voting Off Drew?!

Twitter has all but exploded with red-hot ire directed toward Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger for giving fan favorite Drew Ryniewicz the boot.

Of course, we’ve got to throw in a hefty disclaimer here: these aren’t death threats (with all the sensationalistic formatting the term deserves) so much as passionate dismissals couched in the latest pop-fan generation’s lingo. For example, one vituperative tweet claims that Abdul and Scherzinger “deserve all the hate. You both made a selfish decision and should be ashamed of yourselves!!” (Both exclamation points courtesy of the original poster.)

And a tweet quoted by Daily Mail Online — that is, the one that warranted the explosive “death threats” headline — is as follows. Dear readers, you may want to sit down for this:

“@NicoleScherzy @paulaabdul go die.”

...Yeah, we’re a little underwhelmed, too. Even if we’re taking this seriously, it’s not so much a threat as it is a command, right? In any event, we’ve got to assume that these judges (and the millions of voters at home) know what they’re doing, and we’re sure Drew has a bright future ahead of her without anyone having to go die.

Source: Daily Mail Online

12.5.2011 / 11:57 PM EDT by Drew Belsky
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