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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap of Season 4, Episode 5: BarOne Opens Its Doors

Just like last week, tonight's episode started off with an apology from Phaedra Parks — is this becoming a trend? This time, Phae-Phae was telling Kandi Burruss how sorry she was for her Redickulous contribution to the infamous 35th birthday party.

Kim Zolciak got a basket filled with baby goodies and Kandi got a 2-pound cake. Eventually, Mama Joyce and Kandi did talk it out, but we still think she overreacted a bit. Whatevs — next!

Across town, Cynthia Bailey stumbled through her first time emceeing a fashion show — all those big crazy words! Like most models, Cynthia is at her best looking pretty and keeping her mouth shut, we're afraid.

At the after-party, Phaedra (who has since made amends with Cynthia, BTW) and Sheree Whitfield ran into socialite Marlo Hampton and her man, Charles Grant, who was supposedly messing around with NeNe Leakes while she was still with Gregg. The women were gleeful with the potential gossip and Sheree treated us to a spot-on amazeballs impression of NeNe delivering her famous "I have never... did you wrong!" line. Priceless.

Later, at the Bailey Agency, Malorie and Cynthia's mother swung by to look at the new digs and continue to meddle in Cynthia's marriage. Now, we're totally Team Peter on this whole topic and think Malorie needs to mind her own bizzatch, but we're starting to think Cynthia wants the headaches.

Why would she choose now to mention that one of Peter's investors fell through for BarOne and she's thinking about pitching in with her money to help him? Hellooooo, if you don't want your sister all up in your marriage, stop sharing every single deet with her! Plus, it's a total non-issue since Peter didn't even ask for her money this time, though he was happy to know that she had his back.

Over at the park, the Whitfields enjoyed some rare family time as Sheree, her ex Bob, and their two kids, Kairo and Kaleigh, played a little boys vs. girls soccer match. The warm, fuzzy feeling didn't last long, though, since Sheree then confronted the ex-NFL player about his failure to pay child support for the past four years. He was all, um, whatever, she was all I'mma take you to court, he was all I ain't paying you nothing, and then she was throwing a drink in his... shoulder. "Evil... to the core," he muttered. Actually, this guy's kinda an ass.

When Sheree seeks backup from lawyer Phaedra, though, she gets a bit shy about having Phaedra file the motion that would land him in jail. We're with Phaedra on this one — there's nothing to think about, girl!

Meanwhile, at the Zolciak household, Kim and Brielle had a little mother-daughter heart-to-heart (after Brielle was done poking at Kim's giant baby bump and making fun of her belly button). When Kim revealed that her and Kroy are planning on another bundle of joy in the future (yay!), Brielle was like, ew, no, admitting that she's scared that Kim's going to lose interest in her and Ariana. Aw, that's kinda sad. Normally, we'd crack a joke here, and Kim Zolciak may be a lot of things, but a bad mother is not one of them.

Anyhoo, down in the hood, Peter had a sneak preview for his new club BarOne, which he was supposed to co-host with NeNe, but Miss Biggest Celebrity in Atlanta didn't show up until the last five minutes. Speculation was flying that she was purposely avoiding Charles Grant since Cynthia admitted that she'd given NeNe a heads-up that he would be there with Marlo.

We never did find out why NeNe blew off her only friends left in Atlanta, but she did look damn good when she finally waltzed into the soiree — suspiciously good. Looks like someone was trying to show Charles what he was missing.