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Castle Review: What Did You Think of Season 4, Episode 10: “Cuffed”?

Castle creator Andrew Marlowe wasn't lying when he promised us a "fun little gem of an episode," was he?

But Season 4, Episode 10, "Cuffed" is more than just a wild good time. Sure, there are plenty of the suspenseful heart-stopping moments and humorous Caskett exchanges we've come to expect from Castle, but we're looking at the bigger picture here.

Although we often fantasize about Castle and Beckett waking up next to each other, the truth is they've never been this close before, physically speaking. (That time they got trapped in a freezer together totally doesn't count — Beckett was one goose bump away from heart failure.)

In "Cuffed," they are both fully cognizant — even if they can't remember how they got there — which forces their relationship into completely new territory … not to mention a couple of uncompromising positions! And just as we suspected, the crime writer and his muse made the perfect team. Well, after they finished bickering like an old married couple. A small part of us wanted them to stay handcuffed forever.

And so, the question remains: Now that Beckett's free (and not being chased by a 300-pound feline), will she finally cut through the emotional chains that hold her back from true love?

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12.6.2011 / 09:30 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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