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Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair vs. Dan and Blair: Who Had the Hottest First Kiss? — Chair Against Dair!

Blair (Leighton Meester) never does anything halfway, and that includes macking. Her first kisses with both Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Dan (Penn Badgley) were extremely memorable. But which sizzling smooch spiked the mercury the most? Let’s look at the contenders.

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Chuck and Blair
Location: The limo, after uber-prep Blair released her inner vixen at Chuck’s burlesque show.

Why it was hot: It kicked off the show’s main love story, for one. But what we loved most was how this pairing even seemed to catch the Gossip Girl writers by surprise. We get the feeling Chair was originally supposed to be a brief detour from the Blair/Nate/Serena triangle, but the way Chuck looked at her — the way he saw a bravery in her she didn’t know was there — left both Blair and the fans going, “Nate who?”

Even the show freaked out: The film went all old-timey, then appeared to melt, like the hotness of their backseat makeout sesh had actually melted the screen.

Dan and Blair
Location: Blair’s foyer — the heart of everything Upper East Side that Dan claims to despise.

Why it was hot: Unlike Chuck and Blair’s out-of-nowhere collision, we’d been waiting for this sucker for months. Or, in the case of some dedicated Dair fans, years. And the stakes are just as high for Blair. While Chuck made her feel brave, Dan scares the crap out of her. But when has Queen B ever backed down from something that frightened her?

Even the show freaked out: Dan and Blair’s kiss was such a big deal it froze the screen, taking us straight into a two-month cliffhanger. How do you top that?

So what say you, Gossip Girl fans?

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12.6.2011 / 11:30 PM EDT by Melinda Taub
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