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Chord Overstreet Dishes on Sam-Mercedes-Shane Love Triangle — Glee Season 3, Episode 10 Spoilers!

We know Sam Evans fans are rejoicing, per Chord Overstreet's triumphant return to Glee in this week’s Season 3, Episode 8, “Hold On to Sixteen,” but Quam Suinn Sam-and-Quinn (Dianna Agron) shippers might not be so stoked to hear that he's going after a different former flame: Mercedes (Amber Riley).

Minor spoilers ahead, after the dot dot dot...

Minor detail: Mercedes is happily in lurve with footballer Shane (LaMarcus Tinker). So how does Sam plan to win her back? "Abs," Chord Overstreet dishes to TV Guide. Sold.

But we already knew that, with his Speedo-riffic plan that will take affect in Episode 10, “Proposal.” In the same post-New Yer ep, he also assures, there will be "fun surprises" in his quest for Samcedes to become an item once more, which, for those of you counting, means the wooing will span several episodes.

Are we surprised? No. Sam is kinda sorta irresistable. And it’s clear Mercedes still has feelings for him when we catch that teensy weensy smile at the end of the sneak peek for Tuesday night’s ep where Sam tries to charm her. Hopeless.

"She's just mixed up and confused because, you know, when you're interested in two guys at once, you don't really want anyone to know it or say it out loud," says Chord on his on-screen love. "But she already has a boyfriend, and she doesn't want to be a bad person, so, yeah, she's pretty conflicted."

And there’s no need to wait til 2012 for some shirtlessness. We'll see Chord bare his chest when he's busted stripping for extra cash under the name White Chocolate, as revealed in the promo. (If you remember, Sam's family was suffering from extreme brokeness, prompting his father to take a job in Kansas and move him away in the first place.)

In conclusion, Ryan Murphy done lost his grip on reality, or, possibly, is as totally smitten with Sam as we are. Either way, stay tuned for Trouty Mouth's return in "Hold On to Sixteen" on December 6, 2011, 8/7c!

Source: TV Guide, TV Line

12.6.2011 / 06:57 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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