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The Bachelor

Jake Pavelka Nurses Ashley Ann Vickers Back to Health — Sweet News of the Day!

Last week, we exclusively reported that Season 14 Bachelor Jake Pavelka took his beautiful girlfriend Ashley Ann Vickers home for Thanksgiving. Now he’s taking her home... from the dentist!

Credit: Fallen Star,    

Ashley has been stressing out about having her wisdom teeth removed — but fortunately that’s all over with, since she had them taken out on Friday, December 3.

In preparation for her surgery, Jake tweeted, “@AshleyAnnVick Your in good hands with the Pavelkas!” so we’re guessing he’s the caretaker.

To which Ashley cooed, “@jakepavelka1 I know....I'm learning taking good care of people is a Pavelka trait that runs in the family. ;) Thanks baby!!”

Ashley may have had her wisdom teeth removed, but it looks like her sweet tooth is still intact, because she’s definitely sweet on Jake.

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