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Jersey Shore

New Preview of Jersey Shore Season 5 Includes Blood, New Roommates, and Furry Sex

“I’m Hurricane Situation, and I’m heading straight for Snooki Island.”

This line is one of the many quotes in this Jersey Shore Season 5 trailer that summarizes some of the major themes come January.

Season 5 looks to be jam-packed with fistfights, milk jug fights, meatballs flying away in the wind (literally), and Karma chaos.

Among the many interesting moments from this new trailer, released by Ryan Seacrest:

1. The rumor that Vinny will be leaving mid-season looks truthful, with shots of Pauly D looking sad after asking Vinny if he’s serious about leaving. Then we see Vinny in the back of a cab, looking like he just left the love of his life (which he kind of did). There is even talk of a new roommate!

2. The Situation starts bleeding after a monster fight that breaks out at Karma. Spotlights get torn down, tables are turned over, someone has to be carried out by police, and some are arrested. Scary!

3. Snooki and the Situation are still in cahoots. Mike claims that he still has his secret, presumably the sexing he kept referring to on Season 4, and could use it at any time by telling Jionni the whole truth. Snooki responds as any adult would, by squirting milk at him on a rooftop.

Among the other sensational images are someone dressed up in a huge fluffy white rabbit costume attempting to have Furry Sex with one of the roommates, and plenty of shots of Deena Nicole tumbling down, whether she’s falling out of a closet, or off of a deck.

January 5th, yeahhhh buddy.

Source: Ryan Seacrest

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