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The Bachelor

Reality Steve Spoiler Roundup for Season 16 of The Bachelor — Everything We Know So Far


Credit: Dhame S Kuloh=    

According to Reality Steve, these are the final four ladies:

Kacie Boguskie: 24, Knoxville, Tennessee, works at Genera Energy LLC, former majorette at the University of Tennessee where she twirled the baton at the football games.

Courtney Robertson: Santa Monica, CA, professional model, was on the cover Fitness Magazine in April 2011.

Here are the two “new” girls:

Lindsey Cox: 27, Clovis, CA, graduated Fresno St. University majoring in public relations, worked at Savvy Salon in Clovis, CA, and is the girl that rides in on the horse on the first night.

Nicki Sterling: 26, North Richland Hills, TX, dental hygienist, graduated Texas A&M in 2007, divorced within the last year (maiden name Nicki Felix). The first pic of her (on Steve’s site) is on page 5 of the school newsletter at Blinn College in Texas, where she’s a dental student and some of them got to visit the state capital.


Credit: Dhame S Kuloh    

A friendly neighborhood Bachelor fan called @Dhame S Kuloh posted some pics of Ben and his ladies playing some baseball in Puerto Rico. We haven’t revealed their identities yet...

Here’s more scoop from Steve:

• “Someone left early before a rose ceremony – Not sure of the correct spelling of this girls name, but her name was Britni.”

• “There was another private concert put on by a musician in addition to the Clay Walker concert – The performance was by Matt Nathanson.”

• “Someone passed out during a rose ceremony – This was Erica Uhlig.”

• “Someone arrived on the first night NOT in the limo – She rode in on a horse.”

• “The women got to spy on one of Ben’s 1-on-1 dates – This was in San Francisco. Ben had a 1-on-1 date at the Bay Bridge with one of the girls who I will reveal later. Well, it just so happened that where the girls were staying at the Fairmont, you could see directly to the Bay Bridge from the balcony outside their room, so of course, producers set up a telescope for the women to check out Ben making out with his date on the Bay Bridge.”

• “On the limo exits, someone’s grandma actually gets out of the limo first to surprise Ben. The grandma then introduces her granddaughter to Ben. – This girl will be revealed later.”

At this rate, this season promises to drum up more juice than a barrel of Ben Flajnik’s grapes.

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Nothing can replace the magic of watching (then dissecting) The Bachelor every Monday night, but spoilers just make the experience that much more fun. So here’s a one stop shop for the major Season 16 stuff that’s been “spoiled” so far — mostly from Spoiler King Reality Steve, but also from random fans who have learned to keep their eyes, ears, and cameras open through the filming process. We’ll be able to put the pieces together when the season starts January 2, but for now, here’s the scoop...


Credit: Nicole Singleton on Twitter    

Ben Flajnik started the season by taking his bachelorettes up to his hometown of Sonoma to enjoy California’s wine country. Then they went to San Francisco, held a concert in Utah, and played some baseball in Puerto Rico. After that, they were off to Panama, then Belize, which was the last stop before the hometown dates. After visiting the four hometowns, Ben and his final three beauties went to Switzerland for the overnight dates, with the final rose ceremony is being filmed in November at the famous Matterhorn in Switzerland.

When Season 16 was filming in San Pedro, Ambergris Today posted a bunch of photos of Ben and his final bachelorettes. And here's a little taste of scoopage from one resident’s blog post, "Scooparazzi's First Gig: Operation 'Bachelor'":

“Word on the Belize street is that the current Bachelor, Ben (who started with 25-30 girls) is down to 6 ladies. Obviously this show does not air until he has proposed to one... they are in the middle of filming it now and it is QUITE a big deal. [...] As I was eating lunch, two boats from Ramon's Village of San Pedro pulled up at the dock, 4 golf carts pulled up and the boats unloaded lots of camera equipment and crew members. I pretended to talk to a tourist couple that was relaxing on the beach. With my little crappy camera, the crew paid me no mind.”

The post goes on with lots of photos, including clear shots of Ben holding hands with a blonde beauty in a blue dress.

Here are the bachelorettes Steve has revealed so far:

1. Elyse Myers, 24, a personal trainer/fitness instructor living in Tampa, FL. She’s originally from Illinois and graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a degree in exercise physiology. According to the little bio blurb on her Twitter account, @ElysedMyers, she’s a “Chicago girl new to tampa. I love going to the beach, exercising, and being with my family and friends.”

2. Erika Uhlig, 23, is the current Miss Chicago 2011. On her Miss Chicago site, — which has lots of pics of her — it says she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and attends the University of Illinois College of Law. She’s a political science major. Her pageant platform was Arts for Alzheimer's and her talent is listed as Jazz Violin.

3. Heather Freshwater, age 25, from Knoxville, TN. She’s a 7th grade language arts teacher at Holston Middle School and Steve has a pretty photo of her on his site. He also posts her work page at the school, which shows her with shorter hair, welcoming students to a new school year. But won’t she miss it if she’s on The Bachelor? Anyway, she attended Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, TN and majored in English.

4. Jamie Otis, age 23, maternity nurse at Cortland Regional Medical Center in Cortland, NY. There are a couple of cute photos of her on Steve’s site, including one of her at a wedding.

5. Shawn Reynolds, age 28, from Phoenix, AZ. She’s a financial advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors. This is interesting — she attended Arizona State University on a soccer scholarship, which isn’t quite Ben’s University of Arizona, but the connection is close and he’s a huge soccer fan. Shawn never married but she has a son about 5 years old named Gavin. She’s the one in the Sonoma photo; Steve says she is the third girl from the right in the first row of the group pic, in the pigtails. Check out her LinkedIn Profile. She looks different in the LinkedIn and Sonoma pics.

6. Blakeley Shea, age 34, an aesthetician who studied at the Aveda Institute in Charlotte. She’s a former Hooters girl and former Maxim Top 100 in 2006 and, according to Steve, “pretty much has guaranteed that no one will take her seriously on this show. Google her. Out of the hundreds of pictures that pop up of her on the Internet, I can’t really find one where she has on any clothes.” But she’s 34 now, and since she’s a “former” all of those things, maybe she’s more mature now and ready to settle down? Also, Steve says Blakeley is in the top row, far right, in that photo of 11 of Ben’s beauties that showed up in The Sonoma News. He adds, “One last thing about Blakeley: She’s got a connection to this show in her past that I will reveal at a later time.” Juicy.

7. Jaclyn Swartz, age 27, grew up in Massachusetts and now lives in NY. She’s an account manager at CBS Interactive ( and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin. Steve says she is the second girl from the left in the top row in the group photo.

8. Samantha Levey, age 26, from Pittsburgh, lives in Los Angeles. She went to the University of Arizona (Ben's alma mater) and is the current Miss Pacific Palisades, CA 2012. She will be competing for Miss California 2012. According to Steve, Samantha is on the bottom row, second girl in from the right in the black top, in the group photo. She’s also in the all white bikini on the skiing group date shot recently in San Francisco.

9. Casey Shteamer, age 26, of Chicago, Illinois, works at the Chicago Board of Trade, part-time model, graduated Arizona State University in 2007 with a degree in Philosophy, according to her LinkedIn page.

10. Courtney Robertson, no age listed, of Santa Monica, California is a professional model. She was on the cover Fitness Magazine in April 2011 and here she is in a Caesar’s Palace commercial. She’s also a hot chick in this “Guys Never Change” commercial. Check out more of her stuff at

11. Rachel Truehart, age 27, is a sales rep at Lucerne Textiles in New York. She’s originally from Massachusetts and graduated from Roger Williams University in 2006. She is the second girl from the right in the Puerto Rico group baseball date. Courtney is right next to her on the end. Here’s her LinkedIn Page.

12. Kacie Boguskie, age 24, is from Knoxville, Tennessee and works at Genera Energy LLC. She was a majorette at the University of Tennessee. According to Steve, she had a 1-on-1 date in Sonoma where she and Ben bought a baton so she could show off her skills.

13. Anna Snowball, age not listed, is from Grosse Pointe, Michigan but that's all Steve has right now. If she gets into a fight with anyone this season, that headline will just write itself.

14. Monica Spannbauer, no age listed, of Salt Lake City, Utah, works in dentistry. She is the second woman from the right in the back row in the Sonoma picture wearing the brown tank top. Here’s her LinkedIn Profile.

15. Amber Bacon, age 23, is from Canada. She’s a maternity nurse at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminister, BC. “Sorry, no picture on her yet,” Steve says. “She was eliminated on the first night, so, it’s not like she’s all that important.” Sorry, Canada!

16. Emily O’Brien, no age listed, is from Charlotte, North Carolina, like a certain other Emily we know. She graduated from Duke with a degree in Psychology and she’s currently a second year medical student at UNC. “When I was informed about Emily over a month ago, it was told to me she is ‘this season’s Ames,’” Steve wrote. “Smart, attractive, well liked, and most definitely a front runner. Had no idea what an Epidemiologist was until I googled it. Easily one of the smarter women they’ve ever cast. Not hard to figure out if Ben doesn’t pick her, you might wanna pencil her in for the next Bachelorette.” (But … what about Shawntel?)

17. Lindsey Cox: 27, Clovis, CA, graduated Fresno St. University majoring in public relations, worked at Savvy Salon in Clovis, CA, and is the girl that rides in on the horse on the first night.

18. Nicki Sterling: 26, North Richland Hills, TX, dental hygienist, graduated Texas A&M in 2007, divorced within the last year (maiden name Nicki Felix). The first pic of her (on Steve’s site) is on page 5 of the school newsletter at Blinn College in Texas, where she’s a dental student and some of them got to visit the state capital.

Thanks to Reality Steve, this big twist got spoiled right after it happened. According to Steve, Shawntel Newton, the funeral director and embalmer from Brad Womack’s Bachelor Season 15, went on The Bachelor Season 16 to try and date Ben. However, it sounds like Ben just wasn’t into her and has already sent her packing.

Here are the details from Steve:

• “Shawntel was not one of the 25 women out of the limo on night one.

• Shawntel first appears on the show at the cocktail party on the night of the San Francisco rose ceremony.

• Her reasoning for being on the show? Well, she wanted to date Ben. If you go back to her Twitter account during Ashley’s season, Shawntel made it known to the whole world she had a crush on Ben. I’m guessing this is where they got the idea to bring her on.

• Shawntel shows up at the Fairmont hotel during the cocktail party and talks to Ben. Essentially tells him she thinks there could be something between them, they live close to each other, and she’d like the chance to date him, but, she will leave it up to him by giving him a chance to think about it and decide at the rose ceremony if he wants to give her a rose.

• Well, that pretty much backfired since Ben does not give her a rose at the rose ceremony and she’s sent home. What’s funny in all this is I’m guessing Shawntel was pretty confident Ben would want to keep her around, or else why would she agree to do it? And hell, I’m sure the producers thought he’d keep her around. I’ve heard from numerous sources that Ben and Shawntel had definitely had communication before last Friday night in terms of speaking with each other. I don’t think they’d ever met up, or gone out on a date, but I know they had texted, emailed, and tweeted each other before. So naturally, she probably thought she had a chance. I guess Ben didn’t since he sent her packing a few hours after she arrives. Sucks for her.”


Credit: Chris Harrison on Twitter    

The Bachelor taped a concert on October 4 in Park City, Utah and they put out a call for “extras” to be in the background. A nice lady named Stacey blogged about her experience and Reality Steve shared a few details himself, adding that Ben was on the date with a ginger lass named Jennifer:

“As for the Clay Walker date on Tuesday night in Park City, Utah, it was the end of a 1-on-1 date with the red head in the Sonoma group picture. She’s the girl on the far right on the bottom row. Her name is Jennifer and she’s from Oklahoma City. Don’t know her last name or have any other pictures of her, but I’m guessing I will soon. She had a rose on her, so she was safe at the rose ceremony. Ben and Jennifer (or Bennifer for all those people who can’t type two names) arrived during Clay’s performance and they danced to the song ‘She Won’t Be Lonely Long.’ After that song, they slow danced to a ballad of a song that hasn’t been released yet, so I’m sure when it airs, the song will be on iTunes the next day or something. At the end of the ballad Ben kissed her, and Clay asked him, ‘So is she a good kisser?’ and Ben replied she was the best kisser thus far. He asked the same to Jennifer and she said Ben was a great kisser as well. The End.”

12.6.2011 / 11:00 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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