Showdown in the Big D: Most Eligible Dallas vs. Dallas Reboot
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Most Eligible Dallas

Showdown in the Big D: Most Eligible Dallas vs. Dallas Reboot

Now that TNT has decided to remake the famously campy Dallas, we thought we’d compare the classic soap characters to our other favorite Dallas residents: the cast of Most Eligible Dallas.

Matt Nordgren is J.R. Ewing
Though we’d hardly go so far as to call Matt greedy or scheming, Matt definitely wants what he wants, when he wants, and will let you know all of the above. While Matt is a self-professed playboy, J.R. was infamously unfaithful to his long-suffering wife Sue Ellen. Both men work for companies that their fathers are involved in: J.R. with Ewing Oil, and Matt with NORDCO.

Showdown in the Big D: Most Eligible Dallas vs. Dallas Reboot

Courtney Kerr is Pamela Barnes Ewing
Pamela was always looking for true love, even going so far as to elope with Bobby Ewing, who was from a rival family. Courtney is also a hopeless romantic. Plus, they’re both pretty brunettes.

Drew Ginsburg is Bobby Ewing
No, not because he has anything romantic going on with Courtney! Drew is most like Bobby because he’s kind-hearted underneath the tough guy (or in Drew’s case, snarktastic) image, he’s fair, and he has the pressure of a father’s legacy in business to live up to. Both Bobby and Drew held their own in their respective family businesses.

Tara Harper is Sue Ellen Ewing
Sue Ellen was crowned Miss Texas 1967, and Tara clearly has the perfect Dallas aesthetic to represent the state of Texas in any pageant. Both blondes, Tara and Sue Ellen have trouble when it comes to commitment. Tara called off four engagements by the time MED aired, and Sue Ellen couldn’t choose between her husband and her husband’s enemy.

Neill Skylar is Lucy Ewing Cooper
Lucy was Dallas’ quintessential former bad girl. She’d run away from home (just like Neill, who left home at 18) to live a wilder life, and wound up falling in fast love with the eventual father of her baby. The great common characteristic about these two, however, is how quickly they matured after learning from past mistakes.

Glenn Pakulak is Cliff Barnes
Cliff had just as many problems with women as Glenn. He couldn’t make up his mind when he first fell in love with Sue Ellen, so he waited and waited, until she eventually married someone else. He proposed and failed, he tried another relationship and failed, and he eventually put all his strength into his work. This sudden decision to put work before true love mimics Glenn’s growing interest in non-football-related career paths.

Only time will tell if the new Dallas cast lives up to the fierce fighting nature of the original, but we already know the MED cast does.

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