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Gossip Girl

5 Reasons Gossip Girl Would Be Better Without Chuck Bass

Should Gossip Girl Chuck Chuck?

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Quick Disclaimer: Of course we’re sad that Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) is barely clinging to life. Of course we’d be devastated if his story ended like this. Of course we’re rooting for him to pull through.


A little part of us is saying “Die, Chuck, die!”

Bear with us. As beloved as Chuckles is, we wouldn’t be Gossip Girl fans if we didn’t love drama. Big, wrenching, operatic, crazy drama, which would undoubtedly ensue if he bit it. Here are a few reasons killing off Chuck could be just the shot in the arm Gossip Girl needs.

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5. He kind of deserves it.
We love Chuck — onscreen. But if we met that guy in real life, we likely wouldn’t be that sad to hear he’d been in a car crash. Chuck is doing better this season, but he is, historically, a big jerk. Remember that time he tried to rape Jenny? Or that time he tried to rape Serena? Or that time he got so mad at Blair he cut her face with glass? Save your pity for Somalian orphans.

4. Everyone else would have to grow up.
How many times have the Gossip Girl gang actually had to deal with the consequences of their actions? We can’t think of a single time one of them actually had to deal with stuff, rather than wriggling out thanks to their looks, money, or deviousness. If Chuck died, it would be a sobering moment for all concerned. Not that we want them too sober, mind you, but a bit of darkness could move the show forward.

3. Lily could get a story line.
Remember when Lily and Rufus had more to do than look alternately approving and worried at their offspring’s antics? If Lily’s favorite son (sorry, Eric) croaked, who knows what she’d do? Maybe she’d go undercover as paparazzo in order to exact her revenge! She would be pretty bad at that but it would be enjoyable to watch.

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2. Ed Westwick could finally talk like himself.
Englishman Ed Westwick (Chuck) has one of the best fake American accents on TV, for which we give him props. But we wouldn’t object to him taking a job that allowed him to get his Brit on. He must get tired of impersonating a Colonial, and Chuck’s death would set him free.

1. Chuck’s loss is Dan’s gain.
Chuck and Blair’s romance is epic and compelling, but it also overwhelms every other storyline. We love Dan and Blair’s chemistry … and quite frankly, we’re a little disappointed that Dan’s love for her has been reduced to nothing more than a plot device to reunite Chair. With Chuck out of the picture, Dan and Blair could finally have their moment.

Okay. You’ve heard why GG should chuck him, and why the Basstard absolutely has to stay. Now it’s time for you to sound off:

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12.7.2011 / 11:26 PM EDT by Melinda Taub
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