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Castle and Beckett Get Physical: Most Intimate Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 10: “Cuffed”

Jury’s still out on whether Castle and Beckett got emotionally closer as a result of their wild brush with death, but thanks to the handcuffs (and, you know, the drugs) we know they got closer physically.

Take a gander at our list of moments where Castle and Beckett truly became Caskett.

4. Castle’s Got Beckett’s Back — Literally!

Beckett asked Castle to lift up her shirt and he obliged. She didn’t ask him to let his hand linger on the small of her back, but hey, she also waited a second before she told him to back off. Progress?

3. Castle Gets Behind Beckett!

Caskett got all kinds of close when Castle positioned himself behind the detective darling to aid her in her pushing the super heavy freezer. The container didn’t budge. “I hope you’re not enjoying this Castle,” Beckett says. LOLz. Talk about hot and heavy!

2. Castle Undresses Beckett, Props Her on His Shoulder!

Not only does Castle slide off Beckett’s pumps, he also hoists her up onto his big, strong, manly shoulders. We’re pretty sure this has happened before, but still. Anything that gets Beckett straddling Castle is fine with us.

1. Castle and Beckett Hold Hands!

Beckett asked Castle to grab her hand — just so the cuffs wouldn’t cut them, of course. We’re kind of sad their first time holding hands was while being held hostage in a dingy, creeptastic basement, but let’s not lose sight of the big picture here: They. Held. Hands!

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