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Major Revenge Spoiler: Was Daniel Really Shot in Season 1, Episode 1?

Revenge started off with a major (and literal) bang when Daniel's (Joshua Bowman) body was found on the beach outside the Grayson mansion, but let’s not get too hasty. We never saw this boy take his last breath of life – just the shape of his svelte bod hitting the ground.

Now that Daniel has become one of Revenge’s biggest heartthrobs, will the producers go through with their plan to kill him?

Emily VanCamp (Emily Thorne) tells TV Line that the “original plan” was for Daniel to be six-feet under by the end of the season, but that now the producers aren’t “completely certain.”

“I guess the best thing I can say is that nothing is as ever as it seems on this show,” VanCamp says as we clap our hands in glee. It looks like Daniel won’t be leaving the pages of our fan fiction any time soon!

Source: TV Line

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