Promo For Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 11: Will Chuck Survive? — A Frame By Frame Analysis!
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Gossip Girl

Promo For Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 11: Will Chuck Survive? — A Frame By Frame Analysis!

The maaadness that ensued during last night’s mid-season finale ep of GG was more than we could take (!!!), and we’re more anxious than ever before for the return in January ― turns out those squirrely producers were right with that “biggest cliffhanger ever” business! And by the look of the preview for the January 16 episode it looks like a heck of a lot will be happening before that 100th episode wedding on January 30! Seriously, whoa!

Let’s ponder the preview clip play-by-play-style for a look at what’s to come...

Scene #1
Moody music sets in as Chuck and Blair are wheeled into the hospital on gurneys (presumably in flashback-mode, as we’ve already heard from Lily of their conditions in last night’s ep). Be forewarned, pals, there’s blood involved... and neck braces... and, hold on... we’re tearing up all over again!

Scene #2
Dan and Serena walk through the foyer of Casa de Waldorf, arm-in-arm and dressed in dark colors. On their way to the hospital in designer duds? Moments like these are the ones in which we’d be pulling out the sweats... Just sayin’, S ― heels don’t have to be your go-to in times of personal crises!

Scenes #3 & 4
Flashes of Louis and Chuck. Louis looks mopey (SURPRISE) and Chuck looks delightfully Chuck-y... UNTIL HIS IMAGE VANISHES. Foreshadowing? We’re gonna make a mark in the “REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT” column. Denial is our friend.

Scene #5
Grab the tissues!! S breaks the news to B about Chuck. “He lost a lot of blood,” she says as B cries by her side. Good news for Blair, at least, as she looks up and alert. Yes, S is still in her party dress. (Seriously, woman, that big bow can’t be comfortable. Send somebody home for a change of clothes. Stat. You may be here awhile.)

Scene #6
Nate stands (grief-stricken?) at the Spectator offices. Maybe he’s gotten an update on Chuck... or maybe this will have something to do with the take down of Gossip Girl? Whatever, Nate’s face actually emoting is a strange sight, so we’ll take it! (We kid, we kid!)

Scene #7
Blair and Dan walk up the steps of what looks like... a church?

Scene #8
Top 5 Things We Never Need to See AGAIN: Chuck Bass’ face covered in blood. Heartbreaking, this is! This accident didn’t even look so bad at the scene?! Wear your seat belts, kids, is all we have to say about this. (Wait, no, we also have this to say: CHUCK BASS CAN’T BE DEAD. Right? RIGHT? Initiating group hug...)

Scene #9
Blair looks on in horror as docs work on Chuck.

Scene #10
Blair kneels in the chapel at the church and prays for God to “let him live” while the tears roll. Is she praying for JUST Chuck, or might she be praying for her unborn child as well? With all this worry over Master Bass, we lost sight of B’s little babe. (But, then again, she probably wouldn’t be up and around if the royal spawn’s health were still in danger, right?) At any rate, naturally, we can only see B’s tears... but we’re weeping like schoolgirls on the other side of this screen...

Scene #11
Chuck presumably in a coma in the hospital. Tubes up his nose, head all wrapped up, eyes closed. Ughhhhhhhh.

In other words... Royal wedding? WHAT ROYAL WEDDING? In the space between last night’s ep and now, we may have totally lost all interest in the would-be nuptials. When Chuck Bass’ life is at stake, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS, amirite?

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12.7.2011 / 01:26 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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