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Teen Mom

Teen Mom 2 Music: Songs Playing in the Season 2 Premiere, ”Best Laid Plans”

Wanna find out the name of that song playing during a specific scene on the Teen Mom 2 Season 2 premiere on December 6? Check out the music soundtrack from "Best Laid Plans," then buy available songs on iTunes.

1. "A Way of Overstating" by Lousy Robot

Jenelle takes Jace to the park

2. "Ambientador" by Floating Action

Jenelle and Kieffer meet secretly at the playground

3. "Average Joe" by Long Long Showers

What's happening in Leah's life

4. "All Our Lives" by Doug Burr

Corey and Leah talk about flirting

5. "Another Season" by Automatic Empire

Adam texts Chelsea to see Aubree

6. "Ripe" by Shane Alexander

Jenelle asks her friends for advice

7. "Down the Tracks" by The Lusitania

Kailyn drops off Isaac to stay with Jo's brother

8. "Foot in the Door" by Fink

Jenelle sneaks out for a date with Kieffer

9. "The Madness I Make" by Noughts and Exes

Jenelle gets upset when her mom won't let her watch Jace

10. "Square" by Marc Robillard

Chelsea goes to the bookstore for a GED study guide

11. "Electricity Inside" by Long Long Showers

Jenelle secretly meets Kieffer again

12. "Everybody's Jesus" by AM

Leah tells Corey about her new job

13. "You're Losin' It" by Yours

Kailyn and Jordan take Isaac trick-or-treating

14. "Give Me Resurrection" by The Wealthy West

End credits

Source: MTV Soundtrack

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