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Teen Mom

Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Premiere After Show: 7 Things We Learned

Did you end the season premiere of Teen Mom 2 craving even more mommy drama? Then you’re in luck! Check out 10 revealing quotes from the "After Show," where the girls sat down for an interview about their reaction to the return of Season 2.

1. Jenelle’s friends hate Keiffer!

Jenelle complains that when she hangs out with her friends, Keiffer asks, “Who am I gonna hang out with, where am I gonna go? ... It’s just questions and questions and questions, and it turns into arguments, and then my friends don’t like him because of the way he treats me.”

2. Jenelle regrets her actions toward Barbara

“I don’t need to be getting up in her face like that, I don’t need to be bumping my chest at her like that, I don’t need to be screaming at the top of my lungs. I can easily, just calmly say, ‘please leave me alone.” Practice makes perfect, Jenelle!

3. Jenelle doesn’t want Jace to grow up angry

“I know that when we argue he looks at us, and no matter how young he is, he’s gonna see that and accept that as being normal. I don’t want it to end up like that.” Let’s hope Jenelle and Barbara will be able to control their anger as the season progresses!

Credit: MTV    

4. Kailyn's relationship with Jo is a rollercoaster

“It’s like a love/hate relationship.... You have to expect the worst and then hope for the best, so if something bad happens you’re not surprised.” Sigh, this girl is so sensible!

5. Leah is happy to get out of the house

“You have to get out and be civil with other people or you’re gonna go stir-crazy at home.” Life could get worse than spending all day with adorable twinsies!

6. Will Kailyn and Jo get back together?

“I still think Jo could possibly come around... Jo and I wouldn’t have the relationship we do if there wasn’t still something there.” Sound the alarms! Are we in for a hot n’ heavy reunion?

7. Chelsea explains why she still loves Adam

“It’ll be bad and then he comes back and is so nice, and so manipulative, and I’m like ‘oh hey, he’s nice now.’ And I go back to him and then, it’s like such a bad cycle... I just can’t say no to him. I love him so much.” We love him too, Chelsea –– especially when he’s wearing those tank tops with the giant arm holes.