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Booth or Brennan: Who Do You Think Will Propose — The Results Are In!

A while back, we took a poll to see how many of you thought that Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) will end up getting married. Turns out, over 85% of you are convinced that B and B are headed down the aisle. But which of the two will be the one to get down on bended knee?

Traditionally, marriage proposals are left to the men. And while we're sure Booth would do an excellent job with his proposal, we think it'd be super cool to see Brennan take the reins on this one.

Marriage has never really been Dr. B's thing, so having her pop the question — as Booth jokingly suggested in the Bones Season 7 premiere — would be quite the turn of events.

So who did you vote as most likely to be the one proposing? Take a look:

- An overwhelming 63.6% of you said, “Absolutely. But I think Booth’s right: Brennan will be the one proposing!”
- A decent 22.5% of you said, ”Yes, and before the end of Season 7! Booth will be the one to pop the question.”
- Merely 11.2% of you said, “Who says they need to get married? I bet they stay a couple, but just don’t get hitched.”
- Only 2% of you said, “Things are going too well right now. What if they — gulp — break up?”

There you have it. Looks like Brennan will be the one to pop the question. (Well, if the fans have anything to say about it, at least.) From your lips to (the Bones’) God’s ears.

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