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In Which Episode of Bones Will Brennan Have Her Baby? — Season 7 Spoilers!

Update (12/12): Thanks to the wonders of Twitter, we can now confirm that Brennan's baby will, indeed, be born in Bones Season 7, Episode 7: "The Prisoner in the Pipe"! (Unless Bones is filming out of order just to throw us off. In which case, we still don't know for sure.)

With fans desperate for news in light of Bones’s devastating mid-season finale rescheduling, all Michael Ausiello at TV Line can do is play coy. Today’s subject: any and all possible news on gigantically pregnant Brennan’s due date and time.

Fortunately, Ausiello fills in almost every blank for us — and we have to be patient with him, because it’s really executive producer Hart Hanson who’s being evasive. “How soon will she have the baby?” Hanson asks rhetorically. Well, “[i]t could happen [right away in Episode 7].”

For what it’s worth, Ausiello is pretty sure, as we are, that Brennan will at least be having the baby in Ep. 7 (though nobody knows the minute-second mark). As TV Line’s head honcho puts it, “[t]he title of that particular episode is ‘The Prisoner in the Pipe,’ and it’s been rumored that Brennan goes into labor in a prison. You see where I’m going with this?”

Source: TV Line

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12.8.2011 / 03:11 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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