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Gossip Girl

Major Gossip Girl Spoilers! New Relationship Scoop to Make Dair Fans “Explode” With Happiness

Though things seemed on track for one seriously epic Chair reunion on Monday’s ep, we all know at this point how that ended. (Let’s face it, we’re still sobbing...). But when the show returns in January, and Chuck (Ed Westwick) LIVES ― we refuse to believe otherwise ― what happens next in the confusing love life of Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester)??

We’re not sure you’re in the mood for this but... Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley)!

Collective groan? Collective jump for joy? We don’t know how to react either...

Details are next to non-existent at this point, but TVLine is reporting that they have scoop that’ll make Dair lovers the world over explode with happiness! A “spoiler so awesome it may actually kill you”!!!! We just have to wait ‘til January to hear about it...

So, let the speculation begin!

Might it have something to do with Blair and Dan’s appearance at JFK last Friday night? Is Dan going to work up the courage to actually tell B how he feels? Surely Blair won’t jump ‘ship (pun!) just because Chuck’s in a coma... So how will this play out?!

And don’t forget that time jump that’s set to happen soon!

In other news, there’s no clear answer as to Chuck’s fate just yet (of course), though his confirmed appearance at Blair’s wedding seems indication he’ll pull through! Errr, that is, if the wedding isn’t just a DREAM...

Source: TVLine