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Revenge Spoiler: Is Amanda’s Dad David Clarke Really Dead?

We can’t get enough of Revenge’s dark-and-twisted flashback scenes! Not only are they an opportunity to see some truly amazing ‘90s fashion, but we often catch a glimpse of David Clarke (James Tupper), Amanda’s (Emily VanCamp) hunky jail-bird dad.

We can expect to see even more of David when the show comes back from hiatus, as James Tupper says we’re in for flashbacks a-plenty.

"There's a lot of surprises coming up and [creator] Mike Kelley is going to start playing with the timelines," James tells The Insider. "We're going to get later in my life and earlier in Emily's."

Hold up! Does this mean that David is actually alive? After all, we never saw a body. "That's my secret theory too," James says. "I don't know, the writers are so tight-lipped about what's happening in the future. But I would love to see David get his revenge on the people who sent him to jail."

People including Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), James’ long-time lover and friend?

"I don't believe Victoria had any part in the conspiracy," James says. "She might feel guilty for it, but I think they had a real true love, and I'm fighting, as James, to keep believing in her."

According to James, the mid-season premier in January will answer a lot of our questions –– maybe even about Victoria’s role in the betrayal.

"The 13th episode reads like a series finale,” James reveals. “There are so many big twists and shocks in it. Every single character is in jeopardy. I worried they wouldn’t be able to keep it up, but Mike has such a brilliant plan. He's a big picture person and that episode has surprises in every single scene."

January can’t come soon enough!

Source: The Insider

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