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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Real Catfights of Beverly Hills, Season 2, Episode 14: “Malibu Beach Party From Hell”

Jealousy, impatience, anger, annoyance: all sweet, sweet fodder for the most sensational catfights. When the women are swillin' the ol' haterade, we've got your ringside coverage. Here are the highlights from Episode 14 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, “Malibu Beach Party From Hell.” Get ready to rumble!

WHY: Taylor Arsmstrong makes a comment within earshot of Camille Grammer and her friends about trust, and it sets D.D. Whitt off.
WINNER: No winners here! We feel for Taylor and her situation, but she was clearly out of control at that party, sitting up on the table as she screamed at everyone, even Adrienne Maloof. And we appreciate that D.D. would want to stick up for her friend, but she really should have let things go much earlier in the night, as even Camille tries to tell her to back down. Then again, all that wine certainly wasn’t helping matters!

WHY: Kyle Richards mocks Brandi Glanville for not wearing a bra, and then these two go at it again when Brandi asks Taylor to leave.
WINNER: Once again: It’s a draw! We actually were ready to give Brandi the win, given Kyle’s behavior (i.e., shining that light on Brandi’s top). But Brandi became too aggressive at the end of the night, grabbing Kyle’s hand as the two went at it. Plus, we understand why Brandi told Taylor to leave the party, but it came off as picking sides, so Brandi should have probably said the same thing to D.D. Of course, it’s asking a lot to expect rational thinking during a mess like that!

WHY: Lisa Vanderpump criticizes the job that SUR’s contractor Wayne has been doing, and then she doesn’t take kindly to him suddenly complimenting the way she looks.
WINNER: Lisa (duh!). Okay, so those first two catfights made it tough to choose a winner, but this one is a piece of cake. Granted, Lisa might not have the same kind of construction know-how as Wayne, but it’s still her restaurant, so she has a right to have the final say. And we loved that Lisa called him out for that line about her looking “fabulous.” A note to Wayne: If you think such empty flattery will win Lisa over, you’ve got another thing coming!

12.8.2011 / 04:53 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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