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America's Next Top Model

Why Was Angelea Disqualified From America’s Next Top Model All-Stars? (UPDATE)

On the finale episode for America's Next Top Model All-Stars we learned that Angelea Preston was disqualified after the final runway. So, why was Angelea kicked off the show after she had come so far?

So far, no one really knows. The judges announced that during the final runway the producers had learned about something that would disqualify Angelea from being named the Top Model All-Star and thus she wouldn’t be counted in final judgning.

So, what disqualified Angelea? Before she was kicked off, we saw Angelea break down in tears after completing her final runway with the other finalists. However, last time we checked, getting emotional on camera wasn’t an elimination-worthy offense in the world of reality TV (in fact, it’s probably encouraged). But maybe this emotional breakdown and Angelea’s fragile state throughout the entire competition were signs of something serious going on below the surface.

Normally, contestants get kicked off of competition shows for having professional contracts that would conflict with them being in an “amateur” competition. Yet, this is the All-Stars cycle, and many of the girls selected (Bre, Shannon, Bianca) have contracts with professional modeling agencies.

Now, on to the conspiracy theories! According to the always-reliable source known as a random Wiki spoiler thread, Angelea was disqualified because she allegedly leaked information about the final three. Could this be true? We don’t really know and won’t know anything until an ANTM producer or Angelea opens up about what happened.

UPDATE: The current running theory is that Angelea won but "bragged" about winning on her Facebook page, so the judges took back her title and brought Allison and Lisa back to LA to film a re-shoot. The CW confirmed that the finale scene was a re-shoot, which also confirms that Lisa was not the original winner.

So far Angelea has been quiet on Twitter about why she was kicked off, but be sure to check back here for any updates.

12.8.2011 / 08:35 AM EDT by Wetpaint Staff
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