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Teen Mom

5 Life Lessons From Teen Mom 2 Season 1, Episode 1: ”Best Laid Plans”

We’ve learned all kinds of life lessons from watching the documentary force of nature that is Teen Mom 2. For example, all the cool girls dye just the bottom layer of their hair brown and leave the top bleached blonde.

We’ve also picked up some legit words of wisdom from these ladies (otherwise known as “what not to do”), so check out our top 5 lessons from Teen Mom 2’s epic premiere!

1. Honesty Is the Best Policy

Kailyn and her baby daddy, Jo, have been getting on swimmingly since last season, but if Kailyn keeps lying to him their relationship will go down the tube faster than you can say “condoms!”

Kailyn chose not to tell Jo about trick-or-treating with Jordan, and even though she has every right to date around, Jo shouldn’t be kept in the dark about who his kiddo is hanging out with!

Lesson learned? Secrets, secrets are no fun, secrets secrets hurt someone.

2. Don't Hide Your Boyfriend From Your Mom

Credit: MTV © 2011 and TM MTV Networks    

Jenelle made a huge mistake by keeping Keiffer a secret from her mom. It’s taken this gal a long time to gain Barbara’s trust back, and if her priority is hanging out with Jace, why would she put that in jeopardy?

Jenelle should have been honest with Barbara from the beginning, but then again, the lady is kind of a maniac. We end up with chills every time Barbara drops the F-bomb and calls Jenelle a “whore.”

Who else thinks she and J-Zone are in serious need of a therapy session? No boys or Kieffer Delps allowed.

3. Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater

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How many times do Adam and his chintee have to cheat on Chelsea for her to understand that he’s not the right guy?

Chelsea will always love Adam for being the father of her beautiful baber, but five minutes of eye-sexing and sketchy flirting doesn’t make up for years of poor treatment.

Let’s not forget, this boy was unfaithful five times! Frankly, we’re shocked that there are five girls who are willing to a date a dude with such giant holes in his man-tanks ....

4. Relationships Are Built on Trust

Credit: MTV © 2011 and TM MTV Networks    

This week, Corey and Leah struggled with some trust issues in their relationship. Obviously, it all stems back from that time when Leah was a cheater, cheater pumpkin eater (in keeping with this week’s Halloween theme), and Corey never got over the heartbreak!

We know Corey’s worried about his lady’s roaming eye, but get a grip, dude. She’s just workin at a dentist’s office!

If Leah and Corey want to make their ‘ship work, he better start trusting her!

5. Friends Know Best!

Both Jenelle and Chelsea went to their friends for advice about their boy problems this week, which is always a great idea!

Jenelle’s besties told her to ditch the Delp, and Chelsea’s entire family warned her to stay away from Adam — but did they listen? Heck no!

These guys might trust their friends with important issues like pink vs. purple Ugg knock-offs, but when it comes to their love lives, they’re ridin’ solo.

So what have we learned? Keep your friends close and your sleazy ex-boyfriends as far away as possible.

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