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America's Next Top Model

All-Stars Winner Lisa Says Angelea ”Cried Every 15 Minutes” Due to High Anxiety – Exclusive!

We think the truth behind Angelea Preston’s disqualification from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17: All-Stars will eventually come out, but for now, Lisa D’Amato has been crowned the first ever winner of an All-Stars competition.

Lisa spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment in an exclusive interview, and shared what it was like being sober all season, where her confidence comes from, and what she’s up to in the coming months.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How does winning feel?

Lisa D’Amato: I won, which is awesome! And I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

In the finale episode, you mentioned that Angelea was acting “strange” and “emotional.” How was she acting that way? I the only one who saw her crying every ten seconds? Not ten seconds, like every fifteen minutes and twenty seconds? I think she’s just, you know, very anxious about the competition.

Was Allison [Harvard] your biggest competition?

Oh I definitely didn’t feel threatened by her at all towards the beginning, not because she isn’t amazing and great, but 1) she’s very expressive about how this isn’t really what she wants to do, and 2) she sleeps all day. And I didn’t know her before I was in the house, so I didn’t know her fan base, it was like just meeting her.

Credit: The CW    

Did you know you would win?

In my heart of hearts I knew I was the winner, because my heart has been married to this industry and everything, branding, and modeling and acting and performing. Even if I didn’t win, I would still be the winner in the end. If you were to check me in five years, I would have an E! True Hollywood story, period point blank.

How was it being sober all season?

Actually you know, going on Celeb Rehab and really going for self-betterment and getting therapy for childhood trauma was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had, and since then, I’ve always been the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been. So you know, not drinking is not hard for me. I’m actually, I know a lot of people like to call me this and that or a mess and label me in a box, that’s fine. I know who I am and I’m actually very much in control.

Did you see Janice Dickinson claiming that CoverGirl picks the winner of ANTM?

That’s so funny, I actually watched that video a couple days ago. You know me, I’m antic-y and I love super crazy personalities and she is entertaining to watch. The best part of the whole interview is at the end when she credited herself as one of the only ones [on the show] who’s actually worked in the fashion industry. Um, hello Janice! Hello.

What did you mean when you said your overconfidence comes from “a vulnerable place”?

I come from a very physical, mental and sexual[ly] abusive home as a child. So I didn’t have anyone ever telling me everything’s going to be okay. I was constantly living in a war, and I was my own soldier, like pep-talking myself to get through each day. So my confidence is something that is completely self-made and it’s not something that is arrogance or anything. It does come from a humbling place.

If you saw my Cycle 5 Secret commercial — I remember all the girls were telling each other what their secret is in real life, and they were like, what’s your secret? And I didn’t want to tell them because I didn’t want them to make fun of me, because it was real.

When I said I tell myself I’m beautiful every single day, I do do that, and I did, and that’s what always made me okay.

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What has your fan reaction been like?

I have so many beautiful supportive amazing fans, it’s incredible. Allison definitely has her huge fan base and I think that’s amazing, I think that’s so beautiful, and if they are her true genuine fans, they should really support her in what she wants to do. Go to her website, buy her paintings, support her in being a set designer and being a photographer and all those things, you know. Does that make sense?

What are you working on in the coming months?

Girrrrrrl! I have a TV project that I’ve been working on for the last two years. It’s basically an introduction to who I am, so there’s no misunderstanding this time around. That’s for you to find out, missy!. I don’t like to talk about it, I more like to be about it.

I also have my iPhone app which I developed in the last year with DTS Creative. It’s “Earth to Lisa,” and it’s a free iPhone app so anyone can download it on iTunes or on their iPhone and it’s interactive and you can watch all the crazy stuff and my wild adventures in Hollywood.

I have my new music video produced by the Cataracts, and it’s called “Whiplash,” that will be released in a couple of days. And my album Flippin’ the Bird., that’s on iTunes, it’s also on Amazon. And if you’re in some country that doesn’t have Rhapsody or iTunes or whatever, you can go to, you can purchase all my merchandise. So there’s absolutely no excuse for you not to be able to purchase my T-shirts that say America’s Next Top Massacre.

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