ANTM’s Allison Reveals the Truth About Angelea’s ”Baby Cat” Personality
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America's Next Top Model

ANTM’s Allison Reveals the Truth About Angelea’s ”Baby Cat” Personality

After spilling some surprising details on what led up to Angelea Preston’s disqualification from America’s Next Top Model, runner-up Allison Harvard gave us her inside scoop on what it was like living with Angelea, how she really feels about Lisa’s win, what her biggest weakness is, and why she’s not going to model much anymore. Enjoy!

Wetpaint Entertainment: What are your plans post-ANTM?

Allison Harvard: I love doing art direction and I’m so lucky and I’m so grateful to have people regularly commission me to do portraits and different projects. I’m actually running behind on some things that I should be working on. I’m constantly painting, and doing a little bit of modeling, but I think I may try and get involved in some acting classes! I always love theater, you know, I live in New York... why not try things while you can? I’m definitely going to be very productive.

How do you feel being a runner-up for the second time?

Oh you know, it was definitely disappointing, not to win. I foreshadowed my own fate on the show by saying I didn’t want to continue to be the runner-up, but things aren’t so bad. I got to make it that far again, and I got to have all these random ridiculous experiences. I made some great friends, it was an all-around whimsical kind of adventure. I always try to spin it on the positive.

What was your least favorite challenge?

I didn’t like the carousel we had to jump off of that was going really fast. Did not like that. It was like, built to murder someone, I feel. Um, it was like this whirling dervish of death. I’m surprised no one fell and twisted their ankle, it sounds like such a model problem, wearing heels, and we jump off a — no, I mean it was going pretty fast and we had a small window to jump off it. It could have been so easy for someone to completely crash hard. Luckily that wasn’t the case.

The judges said your swimming during the final runway challenge was graceful...

That’s about all I was graceful with. I’m glad my strength on the final runway was being a good swimmer. [Laughs]

ANTM’s Allison Reveals the Truth About Angelea’s ”Baby Cat” Personality
Credit: Sarah Silver/Pottle Productions Inc ©2011 Pottle Productions Inc.    

Did you agree with the judges’ comments about your walk?

I mean it’s no secret that I’m not the best runway walker — is that even a word? Words plural? It’s not my strength. It was a really fun and kind of extraordinary and ridiculous runway show and I was so happy with the dress that I designed. I actually felt like he kept me in mind when he was making it. It didn’t look like any of the other girls’ dresses, there was no replica. I was so pleased with that, it had a lot of really charming aspects to it that made it really special to me. As far as the actual walk goes, I mean, you know.

Did you get along with Angelea?

Angelea is like my little baby cat. I wish they would have shown us more, like, having the time of our lives. I mean we made [the production crew] want to shoot us every night. We shared a bed in Greece, and we would just be crying with laughter. I adore her. She has such a good heart, she’s so funny.

Who were you closest to?

I’m super close to Laura, I love Laura. Obsessed with Laura, we always laugh. We always said we were like two little bunnies in a rainstorm because we’d always be off to the side, kind of horrified if people were fighting. She’s so great and she’s so funny and sarcastic and has the funniest sense of humor, I wish they would have shown that more, like she is so on-point and funny sometimes. And the same with Angelea, and I loved Bre and Bianca and Kayla and Isis. Isis is the most hysterical person I’ve ever met. Oh, if only you knew. She was the funniest.

Do you think Lisa should have won?

Oh I mean, the thing is, I tried the most that I could. And, if not for nothing, me and Lisa are two completely different people, so it’s not like we were two very similar competitors that you know, “Oh it came down to this.” We’re so different that if they picked Lisa, that must be what they want, and it’s not anything I could really do. It’s just that we are so different, and that’s what they wanted.

What do you think about Janice Dickinson’s claim that CoverGirl picks the ANTM winners?

I feel like, certainly it should be a given that whoever’s involved in the prizes would have a hand in whoever they want their client to be. If CoverGirl did pick who they wanted, well, they didn’t want me, so it doesn’t change the end result.

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