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America's Next Top Model

ANTM’s Surprise Twist: Other Reality Contestants Who Have Been Kicked Off Their Shows

The CW's unwillingness to explain exactly why Angelea Preston was disqualified from America's Next Top Model All-Stars made the Cycle 17 finale an unprecedentedly bizarre viewing experience.

However, Angelea is far from the first reality contestant to be disqualified from a show. In honor of the unexpected All-Stars twist, we've taken a walk down memory lane to bring you the greatest hits of reality rule breakers.

The Real World's original scandals: The Real World isn't a competition show, but that doesn't mean you can't get in trouble, as several contestants in early seasons learned. The first time someone was kicked off of the show was Season 2, The Real World: Los Angeles, when David Edwards was evicted for acting inappropriately towards Tami Akbar.

However, that wasn't the first Real World scandal. That honor goes to ill-fated lovers Becky Blasband and Bill "Corky" Richmond from the original Real World: New York. Becky was a cast member, Bill was a cameraman, and their love? It pissed off the higher-ups. Becky was allowed to keep her spot on the show, but Bill lost his job.

The Bachelor: Not True Love. Speaking of rule-shattering love affairs, during Jake Pavelka's time as The Bachelor (Season 14), contestant Rozlyn Pappa was kicked off after having an affair with a producer. No rose for you, Roz.

Top Chef: Just Totally Nuts. During Top Chef: Just Desserts Season 1, contestant Seth Caro spiraled from a little weird to totally out of control in just a few episodes. He eventually had a panic attack, went on a rant accusing the producers of cheating, and was politely disqualified due to the crazy concerns about his well-being.

Project Runway: Yeah, That's Just Cheating. Keith Michael Rizza was kicked off of Project Runway Season 3 a) after being found with how-to pattern books and b) running away from set for a couple of hours and getting on the internet. Keith was obviously having a hard time, but he just as obviously broke some very basic rules.

I Love Money: Serious Issues. Ryan Alexander Jenkins was supposed to be the star of VH1's I Love Money 3, but he hung himself after the suspicious death of his ex wife. Unsurprisingly, the season never aired.

Great Food Truck Race: Cooking the Books. The Korilla food truck team made it to the final four on the Great Food Truck Race, but was eliminated for packing their till with $2000 of their own cash, making it look like they had done better than they had. That's some clear-cut cheating right there.

Unhappy Idols: American Idol has had its fair share of contestants who were disqualified, including Season 1's Delano Cagnolatti (who lied about his age), Season 2's Jaered Andrew (he had been arrested for assault), and Season 8's Joanna Pacitti (one of several contestants who already had a record deal).

What's your favorite reality disqualification memory? Weigh in at our Facebook page.

12.9.2011 / 03:01 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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