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Bones Season 7, Episode 6 – We Analyze the Promo for “The Crack in the Code”

Thanks to the big rescheduling debacle that pushed the Bones midseason finale to January 12 (to lead into The Finder, which we fear might need all the viewers it can get), there’s a lot of stuff to sift through in this week’s promo. First we get a rehash of “The Finder,” last season’s episode that inspired the spinoff of the same name (which will run next week). And then we get a second of The Finder promo in an already almost-finished clip... so what’s left of episode 6?

Well, the cast is in for a nice present next month: a grisly crimson spine and skull (shades of Sub-Zero for Mortal Kombat fans, and a hearty content warning for everyone else) at the base of a monument, with “WHERE IS THE REST” written across blood on said monument’s chest.

According to Cam (Tamara Taylor), the killer “dissected out the spine and separated the vertebrae.” Booth (David Boreanaz) can make as much sense of that as the rest of us can — but the short version is that it’s a pretty big deal.

Time to hunker down, Bones-ios. One short month, and then it’s Pellant central!

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12.9.2011 / 10:32 PM EDT by Drew Belsky
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