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The X Factor

Full Recap of X Factor USA Results for December 8, 2011 – Who Was Eliminated?

Last night, the Top 5 performed “dance hits” (sort of) and then songs of their own choosing. Tonight, somebody (just one somebody this week) goes home and cries into their consolation mug of Pepsi. Who will it be? Let’s find out!

Lenny Kravitz kicks off the show with a performance of his new single “Rock Star City Life” that leads into his hit “Are You Gonna Go My Way.” If you’re into Lenny Kravitz (we sort of are) it’s great. Mostly, though, it makes us think about how much we want to see The Hunger Games.

After a recap of last night’s festivities and a commercial break, we get a little behind-the-scenes segment about all the work that goes into getting the contestants put together every week. Stylists, hair and makeup, all that jazz. Lots of scantily-clad dancers (yay!) and Josh Krajcik getting his hair blown-out (hee!). Filler, but mildly entertaining.

Next, the judges walk out with their contestants and dramatic music. Paula doesn’t have a horse left in this race, so she’s forced to sit outside alone or something, we guess. The first act safe is: Josh Krajcik! Awesome. Next to go through: Chris Rene! Also awesome. Still in danger: Melanie, Rachel, and Marcus. Our guess: Melanie will be safe and it’ll be down to Rachel and Marcus, and Marcus will be sent home.

When we’re back from the commercial, Steve asks the remaining contestants, who’re huddled together backstage, how they’re feeling. Spoiler alert: they’re nervous and unhappy and they don’t want to go home.

Mary J. Blige in the house! This song — “Need Someone to Love You” — sounds like a country song, kind of, and there’s a ginormous spinning diamond (the gemstone, not the baseball field) on the screen behind her? She’s amazing, though, so we’re into it.

After the break, Steve checks in with Josh and Chris, who are, spoiler alert, really really happy to have made it through to next week. But who will be joining them? The third performer to be declared safe is... Melanie! So far we’re doing okay with our prediction! Go us! Marcus and Rachel are both fairly miserable but they’re both being pretty positive. Remember when Astro had a fit? That was fun. Obnoxious, yeah, but fun.

Time for Marcus and Rachel to sing for their lives! Which is maybe a dramatic way of putting it, but that’s how we roll. Marcus is up first, singing an emotional rendition of Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Going Down,” which is a bold move, considering, y’know, Mary J. is in the freakin’ room! He rocks it, though, putting everything he’s got into the performance.

Rachel follows with a repeat of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” from a few weeks ago. Weird that she’s doing a repeat — maybe she didn’t have anything else prepared? You’d think they all would, though. Huh. She does a nice job with the song once again, and is in tears by the end.

Time for the judges to vote! It’ll come down to the female judges, because L.A. Reid and Simon each choose to keep their own contestant safe. Paula votes to send Marcus home. If Nicole agrees, Marcus is out. If she decides to eliminate Rachel, it’ll go to audience vote. And... Nicole chooses to send Rachel home. Which is in effect a non-decision, since now it’s up to the audience.

So, the person with the lowest votes is... Rachel Crow. Wow. Wowwww. So much for our prediction! Apparently Marcus is, like, invincible. Rachel is absolutely falling to pieces, crumbling to the stage and crying. Between Drew last week and Rachel right now, there’s maybe an argument to be made that 13 or 14 is too young for this kind of competition. Sigh. It’s okay, Babygirl, the Disney Channel must be DYING to give you your own show.

Well, that’s that, kids. What do you think? Did the right person go home, or are you crying right along with poor Rachel? Let us know!

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12.9.2011 / 08:21 AM EDT by Tracy Fusaro
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