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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Ken Baumann Reveals What to Expect When Secret Life Season 4 Returns – Exclusive!

The Secret Life of the American Teenager really knows how to go out with a bang.

In its mid-season finale, Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) proposed to Amy (Shailene Woodley), Adrian (Francia Raisa) slept with Henry (Allen Evangelista), Grace (Megan Park) kissed Jack (Greg Finley), Jesse (Austin Stowell) cheated on Lauren (Camille Winbursh) with Madison (Renee Olstead) and Ben (Ken Baumann) found new girl Dylan (Ana Lucasey) to focus his attention on.

With no return date set for the spring season, we just couldn’t wait any longer to find out what’s going on and called up Ken Baumann for the scoop.

In our exclusive interview, Ken chats about what to expect when Season 4 picks up!

Wetpaint Entertainment: What can we expect when the show returns this spring?

Ken Baumann: Well, we have some new cast members and that's a lot of fun. We've had an influx of new people that are most likely going to be around for the next couple years on the show.

It's been great just getting to know new people, having fresh blood come in and open up the possibilities for different kinds of scenes and relationships.

It feels like our little community and the fun work place we have is expanding and that's really nice.

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What does that mean for Ben and Dylan then?

Well, she is going to be around for a little while. We've had tons of great stuff this season, and especially near the end of the season, it just gets sort of ridiculous and pretty great.

And of course, I can't disclose, but it's all really, really good, really sort of treacherous material.

Will she be able to get his mind off of Adrian?

Yes. I will say that that is sort of cleared up pretty early. There's always those little moments or little exchanges in the hallway, but that's cleared up pretty early. And then they sort of brew their own trouble.

The summer season ended in quite a shocking way with Adrian and Henry sleeping together. What's Ben's reaction to this?

I think that anybody who's watched the show for a little while knows that Ben is a pretty reactionary guy, and he can get pretty worked up about things. So I think it's really funny, the little aftermath of that between Ben and Henry.

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One of my favorite scenes I actually did last season was with Allen. You get to see a little bit of feistiness from both sides.

It's a fun little scene, but yeah, of course, he's going to be upset. His best friend slept with his ex‑wife.

Well, wife. No divorce has been finalized. And we have to talk about Ben's drug use. What is this I read?

I don't know. What is this you read?

That Ben has to go to summer school because he's caught smoking pot?

I can’t confirm nor deny, but look, I grew up in Texas, spent some of my high school years out here, and in both places be it rural or urban, kids smoking pot happens. It's a thing. And some kids have problems with it, and some kids don't.

It's definitely a thing that hasn't been brought up that much on this show, and it is highly conceivable that some well‑adjusted kids, well-off kids, a little bored with academia would take to the jazz cigarette. So you could quite possibly see that on the show.

What about Ricky and Amy?

Well, as most newly-engaged couples they get locked into the, “Oh my God, when are we going to get married? What is that and is that going to happen? Are we really into it?” So you're definitely going to have a season-full of that conversation between Ricky and Amy.

Is it safe to say they're not going to get married by summer's end?

Oh, people can do shotgun weddings. They could drive up to Vegas. I don't know …

Stay tuned next week for more Secret Life scoop from Ken Baumann!