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Jersey Shore

Pauly D: Snooki and Situation Are ”Better” Now

Pauly D has the uncanny ability to avoid getting in the middle of most Jersey Shore drama. But whether you were in the middle, the outskirts, or all the way at home watching on TV, it was hard to avoid getting sucked into the insanity of Season 4. Will Season 5 be more of the same?

Not so much, Pauly told MTV. "We literally ran to Jersey, because we missed it so much, and we just shared that we enjoyed it with everybody." This fits with Deena Nicole's assurance that Season 5 is all about fun.

So what about about the Snooki/Situation tensions, which seem to be alive and well in the Season 5 preview? "They're better," Pauly D assures fans. Though it was "tough for [him] to live in the house when they were doing that, because it was way out of left field."

As for SamRon, well, Pauly D never knows what's up with them. "They change like the weather," he explains. "I don't even need a relationship, because I'm living through theirs."

Despite the drama, the cast-mates all come together in the end, "kind of like a messed-up family." Hey, we totally called that.

Source: MTV

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