Pot Ledom! Tyra Banks Top WTF Moments From ANTM Cycle 17: All-Stars
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America's Next Top Model

Pot Ledom! Tyra Banks Top WTF Moments From ANTM Cycle 17: All-Stars

Oh, Tyra. How we love her. This reigning queen of America's Next Top Model has shocked and horrified us all season, a combination we lovingly call: WTF. Check out her top 7 WTF moments of Cycle 17 All-Stars, and don’t worry if you shed a few tears from the happy memories. We’re right there with you.

1. Tyra’s dream!

It looks like Tyra’s been sniffing eyelash glue again. How else do you explain the fact that our wonderful muse hired a team of amateur filmmakers to play around on iMovie and make an intro for ANTM All-Stars? Honestly, we were more offended by the “special effects” than the fact that Tyra busted out a southern drawl while acting the part of Laura the Hee-Haw Hillbilly.

2. Pot Ledom!

Tyra’s taken another big step forwards in her genius plan to take over the world. Her newest plot? To make “pot ledom” happen. You know, “top model” spelled backwards? We have no idea what it means, but we assume the definition will go a little something like this: noun, to be addicted to jumpsuits and the stench of reality television.

3. Tyra self-cannibalizes!

Anyone who watched The Tyra Banks Show knows that Queen Tyra has a self-described fetish for popping pimples. We thought this side of Ty-Ty was reserved for talk shows and therapists, but tragically it crossed over to ANTM. At the very end of the All-Stars intro, Tyra rubs something off her face, puts it in her mouth and then offers it to the camera for a taste. Thanks, but no thanks, Ty.

Pot Ledom! Tyra Banks Top WTF Moments From ANTM Cycle 17: All-Stars
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4. Tyra and Nigel Baby Face Each Other
If we could take a look at behind-the-scenes footage of the judging table, we imagine Nigel spends the first ten minutes of every show begging the PAs to switch his seat so he doesn’t have to be next to Tyra. Not an episode goes by where she doesn’t violate his personal space, and our favorite was when she talked to him in baby-talk. Of course, being the polite Brit that he is, Nigel half-heartedly tried to baby-talk back, but you could see the fear and panic in his eyes. This is the lady who might have given Kayla a heart attack. If she wants to baby talk, you let her baby talk.

5. Tyra In A Box!
What’s even more wonderful than Justin Timberlake singing “Dick In A Box”? You guessed it: Tyra in a box. Welcome to the “Tyra Cam,” a small square on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen where Tyra shouts out inspirational musings like “Work it, girl” and “Kick that leg up!” We were first introduced to this gem when Kayla (or Free Bird as we like to call her) had her challenge reward photo-shoot with Andre Leon Talley, and we haven’t been able to get it out of our heads since.

6. Tyra Makes A New Friend
You’d think Tyra would have learned her lesson from her first foray into the world of music videos (we’re still recovering), but apparently she felt the need to once again lend her grace and beauty to the small screen. Only this time, she brought an adorable side-kick with her: Internet sensation Keenan Cahill. The moment these two walked on screen, ANTM descended into a pit of WTF-itude. Tyra’s outfit of feathers and denim would be enough, but it was the acting that really threw us. We never thought we’d live to see the day when she would flap her arms like a bird. And as predicted, we barely made it out alive.

7. Tyra Sucks On Tyson Beckford’s Thumb!
In a scene that will go down in Top Model infamy, Tyra cozied up to super-model Tyson Beckford on a rocky beach, declared herself “Tookie” and popped his thumb in her mouth like a lollipop. According to Queen Ty, it was the “editorial” version of a thumb-sucking. We’d hate to see the alternative...

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