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Revenge Spoilers! Why Tyler Goes Crazy With a Gun and More Burning Questions Answered

Executive Producer Mike Kelley is coming to the aid of those of us who are desperate for more Revenge! Check out some spoiler-y highlights from his question-and-answer session with our buddies at AOL TV.

1. The First Three Episodes: When we come back from hiatus on January 4th, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) will deal with Lydia (Amber Valletta) while Tyler (Ashton Holmes) is busy becoming a crazy man. The next episode will be a classic “big take down,” and in the following episode “something really dramatic happens” that makes Emily (Emily VanCamp) reevaluate her plans. But that all changes when a new piece of information “absolutely reaffirms her goals, which leads us to the engagement party on the beach."

2. The Death on the Beach: "I think that until you know for sure, you don't know anything on Revenge," Mike says. "The one thing I can guarantee is the murder on the beach is not a dream." We’ll also finally find out the identity of the killer, which is a huge surprise!

3. Episodes 16-22: Get ready for the trial of the century! When summer in the Hamptons ends, we’ll follow the murder trial of the alleged killer.

4. Nolan and Emily: We’re devastated that Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Emily are on the outs, but apparently there’s a reunion in the works. "They fight like cats and dogs and they make up. They're family, like it or not," Mike says.

5. Daniel and Emily: "There are real feelings bubbling up and it's making it much more complicated than she [Emily] planned." Kelley says, adding that “when she arrives in the Hamptons, we have a whole eight years of stories to bring out about how she got to know what she needed to know about everyone, including Daniel [Joshua Bowman]. She expected Daniel to be one thing and it turns out that he's just as much a victim of his mother as anyone."

Credit: Pacific Coast News    

6. Victoria’s Love Life: Expect Victoria to get a new man in her life (her smarmy lawyer, perhaps?), but it’s not all fun and games! Her divorce with Conrad (Henry Czerny) is more complicated than even she anticipated.

7. David Clarke: “We want to tell the story of David (James Tupper) and Victoria's love coming up,” Mike says. “There's so much more to learn about this conspiracy that brought David Clarke down. Victoria's role in it, but also an unexpected character's role in it. There are surprises coming up."

8. Tyler’s Addiction: Remember the Klonopin Tyler was popping? Turns out he’s totally crazy. “He has a serious disorder and he's on anti-psychotics, and he's run out of these," Mike says. “When the show returns, fans will "find out why he showed up in the Hamptons when he showed up. You'll find out what his dark past is. We've been calling him 'The Talented Mr. Hamptons' for a reason. He was always inspired by The Talented Mr. Ripley, but this is a character that has some serious mental disorders and he becomes quite dangerous in the next run of episodes."

9. Emily’s Mom: "You will learn the story of her mother, but I don't want to tell you what it is yet," Mike says. "There is definitely a story behind where her mother is and what happened. This is a pretty big story of self-discovery for Emily."

Head over to AOL TV for even more spoilers!

Source: AOL TV

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