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Who Does Gabriel Mann Want Nolan to Hook Up With on Revenge?

Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) is the president of The Hampton’s Lonely Hearts Club, and we’re desperate for him to get some luvin’! (And not in the form of a hustler with a mental disorder, please.)

Gabriel Mann also wants Nolan to score a friend with bennies, and he has his mind set on one special lady in particular....

“Let's go with Victoria [Madeleine Stowe],” Gabriel tells TV Guide. “I love that storyline possibility. I have no idea if they would ever go there, but I am such a huge Madeleine Stowe fan. Anything with her would be great. And in terms of story, it would be some really jaw-dropping, out-there stuff!”

Victoria plus Nolan? Well, anything can happen with a gal on the rebound.

Source: TV Guide