10 Most Embarrassing Moments From ANTM Cycle 17: All-Stars
Credit: Nikos Papadopoulos/Pottle Productions Inc ©2011 Pottle Productions Inc.    
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America's Next Top Model

10 Most Embarrassing Moments From ANTM Cycle 17: All-Stars

It’s hard to imagine anything more embarrassing than losing a big reality competition, finding out the winner broke some rule, and being told you have to schlep on back to the set to film your pity win. But Tyra and her clumsy modelstants performed some pretty awkward and outrageously embarrassing acts on Cycle 17: All-Stars.

We gathered 10 of our favorites here.

Laura loves whipped cream. How painful was it watching poor, sweet-as-sugar Laura flood her mouth with whipped cream, while wearing a wedding dress, while trying to look as unsexy as possible, while listening to Tyra scream at her: “Don’t swallow! SPIT! SPIT!”? Very.

Angelea can’t run. You know that feeling you get when you fall in love with the hottest guy in high school and then find out he can’t read? Yes, Angela Chase, we’re talking to you. Anyway, that’s how we felt when we watched our poor wounded bird Angelea attempt to run in the Modelland editorial.

Bianca eats a pickle. First she hoarded them, then she claimed them for her use and hers alone. And then she actually brought one with her on her Snooki photo shoot. Bianca and pickles should get a room.

Laura pours olive oil into her eyes. Laura did what any other modelstant would do when they aren’t feeling well during a photo shoot: take a bottle of olive oil, place upside down above head, and don’t blink!

Bre screams forever and ever. It’s a shame that Bre went out this way. She was the sole victim of the Ty-over episode (getting all her hair chopped off), and then she started hysterically cry-screaming throughout the Coco Rocha photo shoot. Coco herself called a Time Out in order to silence that lamb.

Alexandria happy-cries. After getting her long blonde mane cut right off, Alexandria let loose some of the strangest animalistic sounds we’ve heard in 17 cycles of drekitude. One moment she was telling the cameras how HAPPY she was! Quite literally two seconds later, she moaned and her face fell forward and we think she was...very sad? It was some Claire Danes-level ugly-crying.

10 Most Embarrassing Moments From ANTM Cycle 17: All-Stars
Credit: Mathieu Young/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC.    

Talking is hard for modelstants. In Episode 4: “Anthony Zuiker,” the ladies were forced to remember big words for their CSI guest spot challenge. But Tyra made the experience extra-painful by including phrases like “gas chromatograph mass spectrometer” in their script. Dominique said “ass” instead of “gas,” and Lisa used the only medical words she knew from experience: “cocaine,” “pills,” and “alcohol.” Stay sober!

Tyra attempts baby-talk with Nigel. Tyra actually pretended to be a big ol’ baby and attempted to goo goo gah her way into Nigel’s swarmy British heart. Shockingly, Nigel at first tried to play along, imitating one of those grown-up babies you see on foreign cable comedy shows late at night.

Kayla drank ‘til she drek’d. Okay, normally we would never mock someone’s on-camera health issues or potential drug addiction. But Kayla seems like the kind of chick who is looking back on her run-in with ibuprofen and having a laugh. From what we could tell, Kayla enjoyed a wee bit too much wine with the girls on Episode 4: “Anthony Zuiker.” Then she got a care package from home (we presume?) containing pills, which she described as “Bleep, Bleep, and Ibuprofen.” They must have been legal, since, as cruel as Ty Ty can be, we highly doubt she would condone the hard stuff. At least while filming! Long story short, Kayla writhes, moans, and vomits for a while, and the other modelstants cringe in delight/horror.

Alexandria’s head gets chopped off. Did Alexandria really spend the majority of one challenge on the floor, writhing in agony? Yes, that she did. For the Bad Girls Club challenge during the Coco Rocha episode, the bonkers modelstant “acted out” by lying down, pretending to be dead, and panting. As a result, the judges had to edit out her entire head for the final photo.

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