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Teen Mom

6 Biggest WTFs About Teen Mom 2’s Season 2 Premiere

Do you end every episode of Teen Mom shaking your head in shock at the combination of drama and WTF-ery that just unfolded? We feel your pain.

Teen Mom 2 is no doubt one of the best reality shows on television, but sometimes there are moments that make us jaw-drop in amazement.

Check out the 6 biggest WTF bombs from the season 2 premiere!

1. Are Dentists Offices the Dive Bars of the Medical Profession?

This week, Corey was convinced that Leah was going to get her flirt on at her new job, to which we say: With who, Corey? With who. Last time we checked, dentist’s offices weren’t exactly the place to pick up hotties — unless Leah’s idea of a good time is playing tonsil hockey with a bunch of cavities and fillings.

2. Does Kieffer Have an Endorsement Deal With DC Clothing?

Every time The Delp waddles on screen, it’s like we’re watching a commercial for DC. He is seriously decked out head-to-toe in skater boy wear. Our theory? DC is Kieffer’s biggest fan and they are honored to have their board shorts sagging from his derriere.

Credit: MTV © 2011 and TM MTV Networks    

3. Is the Mall a Halloween Bonanza?

Baby Isaac spent his first Halloween with a bunch of 13-year-old girls on their way back from Delia*s. We love going to the mall as much as the next person, but Bath and Body Works isn’t exactly No. 1 on our list of places to get candy. Not so surprisingly, Jo was dissapointed when he realized the the food court does not, in fact, give free food to infants.

4. Planet Hot Date?

Jenelle and Kieffer barely get to see each other (what with him being a big secret and all), so when they do go out, it has to count. Romance is key, and what’s more romantic than going to Planet Fun, a self-proclaimed “family fun center.” We hear jazzy songs, cheesy games and fast food are a wonderful accompaniment to a makeout session.

Credit: MTV © 2011 and TM MTV Networks    

5. Is Adam the Creepiest Baby Daddy Ever?

Most of Adam’s appearances on Teen Mom 2 involve him calling Chelsea a “slut” or a “bitch,” but this week he turned on the charm. By which we mean he tried to make out with her. His method? Using Baby Aubree as the vehicle for his lip locks. Here’s how it worked out: Adam gave Aubree a kiss, she gave Chelsea a kiss, ergo, Adam and Chelsea kissed. Aw, he’s so flirty and cute ... or something.

6. Is “Coloring Class” a Thing?

We learned an important lesson during this week’s Teen Mom 2: Always go “one-way” when your painting your pumpkins. Apparently, Kailyn picked up this tip during “coloring class” — where we assume they taught her everything she needed to know about life — well, except sex ed.

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12.10.2011 / 03:09 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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