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America's Next Top Model

ANTM All-Stars 10 Best Quotes: ”You Are Weave”

With all of the controversy around Angelea Preston's last minute disqualification, it seems like the rest of America's Next Top Model All-Stars has been forgotten. Yes, the Angelea drama is fascinating, but strange things happened earlier in the season, too.

As a reminder, we bring you the ten best quotes from America's Next Top Model Cycle 17: All-Stars.

10. Laura, Episode 10: “My sister’s actually very good with a bow and arrow... we gotta eat!”
This explains so much.

8. Kayla, on the football challenge, Episode 6: “I’m like, I have to win this one. Especially ‘cause I’m a lesbian and we all have to win at sports.”
Kayla is really breaking free from stereotypes.

7. Game directs Alexandria, Episode 8: “I still don’t feel like you are married to the car.”
It's a big problem.

6. Angelea, Finale: “I guess I got too much damn personality. You’re damn right I do.”
Telling it like it is.

5. Lisa, Episode 9: “Politicians really like minimal clothes... if you watch the news.”
Are you sure you aren't talking about the Fox News newscasters?

4. Angelea, Episode 10: “They some sneaky bitches.”
Summing up every reality fight, ever.

4. Alexandria, Episode 5: “I didn’t sign myself up to play with some minnows in a little pond. I’m with the big dogs, let’s fight with some sharks.”
So eloquent and comprehensible.

2. Random in crowd, Episode 1: “Alexandria needs to go home. I hate her. Even though I love her, I hate her too.”
This random man was very wise.

1. Bianca, Episode 2: “Weave is tacky and you are tacky, so you are weave. I am extensions.”
Best ANTM insult ever.

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