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Bones Season 7, Episode 5 “The Twist in the Twister” – The Top 3 Moments

With a mystery as tortuous as this week’s, it was difficult for Bones’s writers to let the characters do anything but keep plugging away at the murder! Fortunately, our guys and gals can make memorable moments even while they’re on the job. Here are our top three for the week.

1. Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne) in the lab with Michael before work.

We know that Michael Vincent Staccato Hodgins has featured in other episodes this season, but this is the first time he really gets an opportunity to drop our jaw with both his unparalleled comeliness and his perfect disposition.

And that’s not just great acting on baby Hodgins’ part. “I haven’t heard him cry yet!” Thyne said in an interview last month, and if this episode is any indicator, he (and we) have yet to behold any real waterworks. Two sleep-deprived parents could not have a better set of circumstances!

2. Cam (Tamara Taylor) doesn’t care about anything.

Poor Cam doesn’t get a lot of love on Bones, so we feel compelled to give her some encouragement here. It appears that Cam has taken a page out of pre-revelation Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd)’s book -- that is, she doesn’t want to hear very much about her employees’ personal lives. The only difference? She’s way funnier about it.

First, Cam walks on Angela listlessly holding the toy guitar the latter’s father brought for baby Michael. “You thinking of starting a band?” she asks, and Angela embarks on a rant about how her father doesn’t understand her. Cam, hands upraised: “Angela? Didn’t someone get murdered?” Heh. And then, when Fisher (Joel Moore) tries to expound on his psychological issues -- nope! “Please don’t explain.” (This line, delivered in Cam’s trademark halting fashion, really needs to be heard to be laughed at.)

We’ve gotta say that for having so little to work with, Cam is really shining from a comedic standpoint this season!

3. The tornado!

Well, come on — after an episode like this one, you can’t blame us for featuring the big twister. As scary as the funnel was in last week’s preview, that snippet did not do this bad boy justice. From the moment the sky started darkening, we could barely keep ourselves from hugging our knees and chanting “oh man, oh man, oh man.” (Then again, that might have had something to do with the rarity of tornadoes on either coast, where most of our staff come from...) Either way, though, with our focus so often on Bones’s grisly bodies, it was cool to see the special effects wizards flexing their creative muscles over something as far off the beaten path as a weather phenomenon. More like this, please.

And that’s a wrap! Of course, in an episode about tornadoes, there’s a lot of debris to pick through, so we won’t be surprised if you chose some other trinkets as your favorites. Let us know below what other snippets blew favorably for you!

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12.10.2011 / 01:45 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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