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Gossip Girl

Can Gossip Girl Survive Without Chuck Bass? Kelly Rutherford Weighs In — Wetpaint Exclusive

With Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) left barely clinging to life during this week’s shocking mid-season finale, Gossip Girl fans are left with some very difficult questions. Is Chuck going to die? Would the show actually kill him off for good?

And if they did … would anyone even bother to watch Gossip Girl anymore?

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with GG’s own Kelly Rutherford (Lily)at Faconnable and Urban Sanctuary's Holiday Shopping Event in New York City on December 8, and we just had to ask what she thought.

Credit: @KellyRutherford on Twitter    

Wetpaint Entertainment: Do you think Gossip Girl could survive without Chuck Bass?
Kelly Rutherford: No! I couldn't survive without Chuck Bass.

Blair Waldorf’s Royal Wedding is coming up. Who do you want her to end up with: Are you Team Chuck or Team Louis?
Hmm. I'm Team Blair.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?
Oh, I don't make them. Why bother? They always get broken.

Any diet or fitness tips for the holidays?
Yes, eat everything and drink everything and enjoy it.

Now that is definitely some advice we can follow! Sigh. But isn't that life? Eat, drink and be merry, for you never know when your town car might get chased through the park by a rouge paparazzi biker gang.

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