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Community Spoofs Glee! How Did the Greendale Kids Do?

Not all utterly brilliant comedies with a massive cult following perform as well commercially as Glee. And with NBC's Community on the brink of getting canned, they definitely went out with a bang for their winter finale (and potential last-ever episode) with a Christmas special spoofing Glee.

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In the episode, Jeff (Joel McHale) bestows upon the study group the gift of dismantling Greendale Community College's glee club to escape their annoying mash-ups (ha!) and hip hop remixes (whoa, Glee’s Puck and Artie's surrious hip-hop skillz are not to be parodied). After ASCAP serves them with cease and desist papers for performing songs without the artists' permission, Greendale is left without a glee club to put on the Christmas pageant! Oh noes!

Of course, glee club runner (and Schue-like sweater vest-wearing, asexual, eventual psychopath) Mr. Rad needs someone to fill in, so who does he go after but Jeff and the study group?

They pass, but Abed (Danny Pudi)'s curiosity about joining gets the better of him after he discovers the "Glee of Glee" in a duet with Mr. Rad. He hooks Troy (Donald Glover) with a rap song (oh yeah, we get a taste of Childish Gambino spitting dope know, but Community-fied...HOLLA!). The two of them hook Pierce (Chevy Chase) with a ditty entitled "Baby Boomer Santa" in which they attribute the joy of Christmas to Pierce's generation. Troy and Abed hook Annie (Alison Brie) with a little harmonizing. Annie hooks Jeff by putting on a pseudo-sexy "Santa Baby"-esque performance, which eventually just devolves into baby stripper babble that becomes really uncomfortable and hard to watch. (But she looks super hot in her slutty Santa costume!)

Meanwhile, Pierce gets Jesus-loving Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) to join with a children's choir, bemoaning their public school's refusal to tell them whose birthday it is on Christmas (hey! Has Rick Perry seen this? It ALMOST proves his point!).

Britta (Gillian Jacobs) falls in line, too, but only as the mute tree (well, she sings eventually... and it's awkward).

Ultimately, though, Abed discovers Mr. Rad's secret plot to take this group all the way to National Lower Zone Semis after Regionals, despite the fact that they only signed on to save Christmas. So, Abed throws the performance, which eventually exposes Mr. Rad as a homicidal maniac (don't ask).

So what did you think of the Community gang's performances? Did they give the New Directions a run for their money? Sound off!

12.10.2011 / 06:13 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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