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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Casts Caspar Zafer and Nathaniel Buzolic as Klaus’ Brothers Finn and Kol

More handsomeness is headed to The Vampire Diaries in the form of Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) other brothers. TV Guide reports that Caspar Zafer and Nathaniel Buzolic will play Originals Finn and Kol. The brothers aren’t happy with Klaus — after all, he’s been hauling them around in coffins for who knows how long?

Based on that description from TV Guide, it sounds like we’ll be seeing the brothers in present day — maybe Stefan (Paul Wesley) liberated them? — though there were rumors Katherine (Nina Dobrev) would meet Finn in a 1491 flashback. Zap2It confirms Finn will appear in Season 3, Episode 13, “Bringing Out the Dead,” but there’s no word on Kol’s first episode.

Zap2It also had word from executive producer Julie Plec that Klaus has far more coffins than remaining siblings for a reason. (If you recall, there are seven Original children, two of whom died — one of the plague, the other, Henrik, of a werewolf attack.) “There's definitely a question of why, if there are only two left, why are there all those coffins,” says Plec. “That is a good question, and that's something that will be answered." Our guess? Klaus pre-ordered them for some of his Mystic Falls enemies. Yikes!

Source: TV Guide, Zap2It

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