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Childhood Sweethearts! Should Baby Bones and Michael Hodgins Eventually Fall in Love? [POLL]

Make no doubt about it: Little Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins and Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan’s (Emily Deschanel) little daughter are going to grow up together.

How can they not? Their parents work in (or at least frequently visit) the exact same building, and their mothers are practically joined at the hip!

Brennan’s already stated how much she’ll be looking to Angela (Michaela Conlin) for help and advice with raising a baby. (Okay, not her exact words. But it’s what she meant.)

So Baby Bones and little Michael Hodgins will grow up together, but what exactly will their relationship be like? Playing together in in the Jeffersonian daycare, we imagine they might just end up becoming the best of friends! Unless … what if they end up not be able to stand each other?!

And once they get a bit older, how will their relationship change? Michael will be a bit older than Baby Bones. Might the little gal eventually develop a crush on her older pal? Or will Michael be the one who suddenly finds himself head over heels with Miss Booth?

It’s still way down the road, but can you imagine in these two kids got married one day? Hey, it could work. Brennan and Angela are practically like family, anyway.

So what do you think? What exactly do you hope that Baby Bones and Michael Hodgin’s relationship will be?