Exclusive! Caroline Manzo’s Kids Reveal That Dina Will Be at Their House for Christmas!
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Exclusive! Caroline Manzo’s Kids Reveal That Dina Will Be at Their House for Christmas!

The last time we heard from Caroline Manzo — on the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, which aired in mid-October — she was heartbroken over the rift in her relationship with younger sister Dina. It was a rift she put squarely on the shoulders of co-star Teresa Giudice, who she blamed for filling Dina’s ears with lies about Caroline.

Happily, however, it looks like relations between Caroline and Dina are finally on the mend. Wetpaint Entertainment can exclusively reveal that Dina will be joining the rest of her family for Christmas Eve at Caroline’s house. We caught up with Caroline’s three kids — Albie, Chris and Laure — at Z100’s Jingle Ball presented by Aeropostale in NYC on Dec. 9. When we asked if Dina would be spending the holiday chez Manzo, all three nodded their heads vigorously.

“I’m sure she will,” Lauren told Wetpaint Entertainment. “She’s part of the family. At the end of the day, we’re family and we love each other, no matter what happens on the show.”

“Christmas Eve is bigger for us than Christmas Day,” Lauren continued. “My mom is one of 11 kids. We have everyone over and we have a five-course meal and tons of presents. The whole great room is filled with presents. We open them the next day and the last one we open is always the biggest. As everyone saw, last year our parents gave us these,” she said, showing off her diamond bracelet made up of five entwined circles, one for each of her parents and the other three representing herself, Chris and Albie. Both brothers also proudly sported theirs.

The siblings were less enthused when talking about Season 4 of the series, which wrapped at the end of summer. “It’s funny, but Season 4 is going to go a little bit backwards,” Albie explained. “They showed some of the footage in Season 3 – the part where the cookbook comes out. But Season 4 had already been shooting and starts even before that. The cookbook isn’t what started all the problems, it actually came in the middle of all the trouble. So in Season 4, you’ll see all the events that led to it.”

As for the annual Posche fashion show, Lauren says bluntly, “It was a disaster,” How so? “Let’s put it this way. The fashion show happened the night before the Season 3 reunion was shot.” The climactic Season 3 reunion saw Caroline, Melissa, and Kathy all furious with Teresa — and was so ugly that Jacqueline couldn’t even bring herself to attend. “Based on that,” Lauren says, “you can pretty much put two and two together if you want to know how the fashion show went.” Yikes!