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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap of Season 4, Episode 6: Baby Kroy’s Debut!

Cynthia and NeNe Take New York

With the Bailey Agency School of Modeling well on its way, Cynthia Bailey was NYC-bound to do work-related stuff — she even pulled out her smart girl black-rimmed glasses — with NeNe Leakes in tow for her own business reasons. While Cynthia was meeting with an old flame, Russell Simmons, to discuss her project and ask for his advice, NeNe was meeting with a possible new pursuit, John Kolaj of the Famous Famiglia pizza chain.

Cynthia walked away with a new chubby-girl-friendly name, the Bailey Agency School of Fashion, and NeNe walked away with a Twilight Zone style experience. As we all know, rumors have been flying that NeNe and this John guy are in love and living happily ever after, so we were completely blindsided by the events that took place on their "first date."

When the unlikely match met for lunch, NeNe was all sorts of "um, no" at John's attempts to woo her by feeding her oysters, impersonating her famous "mm-hmm," presenting her with a Tiffany's pen, and giving her a pair of sky-high gold stilettos.

Just when we thought John couldn't go any more over the top, an Italian tenor showed up for his first performance in nine years, having only previously entertained the Pope, Pavarotti, and Sophia Loren with his precious pipes. We actually started to wonder if we'd dozed off for a second and were dreaming up this insane scenario. But, nope, this really happened. Even crazier, NeNe... likes him?

Later that evening, Cynthia meets up with her bestie, Kithe, who lost 82 pounds (that's a whole other person in the modeling world!) and gets Cynthia to admit that she regrets leaving New York and possibly her entire marriage to Peter. Surely, this will be a worse betrayal for Peter to see on national TV than Malorie's hi-jinks. Just sayin'.

You Got Served!

Over at Sheree Whitfield's empty house lot, she had a heart-to-heart with her mother Thelma about her ex-husband Bob and the child support situation. After making Sheree remember how her own father disappointed her by not coming through with some present on neither Christmas or her birthday, Thelma convinces her daughter to take crazy eyes to court. Lady power!

Unfortunately, you snooze, you lose — Bob beat her to the suing game and served Sheree with papers to modify the current child support arrangement. Game on, bitches.

Making the World a Better Place

Across town, Phaedra Parks, superstar lawyer, was holding court. In a world-changing high-profile case, Phaedra got some punk off easy for his tinted windows and weed charge. Nice work, counselor. After paying his lawyer cash in the parking lot (yeah, that's not sketchy), the kid drove off with his still tinted windows to celebrate at home with a well-deserved bong hit.

Lookin' for Some Senior Lovin'

Now that Kandi Burruss and Mama Joyce are on good terms again, the women are back to sharing girdles and rocking some sexy photo shoots on the hood of the car. Since Joyce is "single and ready to mingle," Kandi helps her out by getting her all sexified for a dating website and lecturing her on the importance of condoms. Glad things are back to normal between these two. And, no doubt, Mama Joyce was looking fierce! Her inbox is going to be swamped with cyber winks — strippers need not apply, though.

Ready or Not, Here He Comes

After a month of headaches and high blood pressure, Kim Zolciak's doc declared her ready to pop, so off they went to the hospital to get the show on the road. Following some labor-inducing drugs, a successful epidural, and a long string of bleep-bleep-bleeping from the censor gods, Kim and Kroy were holding their adorable new bundle of joy, Kroy Jr. We may have gotten just a little bit teary during the montage recapping Kim and Kroy's journey. OK, fine, we were sniffling like crazy.

Hey, Kim may not have called her baby "gross" like Phaedra did with Ayden last season, but that doesn't mean it wasn't every bit as heartwarming. Yay for perfect newborns.