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Glee Season 3 Christmas Episode: Lea Michele and Cory Monteith Share a Behind-the-Scenes Pic!

Is it weird to celebrate Christmas early? Not in Glee-land! (And, honestly, not in our land, either.) The cast went into work ready to deck the McKinley High halls, starting filming for the Matthew Morrison-directed episode today, November 10.

Lea Michele (Rachel) caused quite a stir earlier today with her Twitter reveal about the Glee agenda. She further teased “a really cute #Finchel scene” that was confirmed via a pic tweeted by her on-screen beau, Cory Monteith (Finn).

Credit: via Cory Monteith's Twitter    

Creative, um, decor, guys.

Now, doesn’t this just take you back to that less-joyful time in Finchel history when the two were dueling and dueting among the Christmas trees (see video below)? We’re all for more duets this season, as long as it’s of the merry variety.

Now, if this only makes you itch for more holiday goodness from Glee, you’re in luck! Though it won’t hit shelves until November 15 (along with last year’s Grinch-ful Season 2 Christmas ep on DVD), Volume 2 of Glee’s Christmas album is streaming on AOL now.