American Horror Story Complete Spoiler Guide for Final Episodes: ”Birth” and ”Afterbirth”
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American Horror Story Complete Spoiler Guide for Final Episodes: ”Birth” and ”Afterbirth”

Can you believe there are only two episodes left in American Horror Story’s first season? Oh, how we wish there were more! Luckily, FX ordered a second season just a few episodes in, so we have Season 2 to look forward to — who and what exactly will be around then has a lot to do with what we’re about to see unfold in the final two episodes: Episode 11: “Birth,” which airs December 14th, and the finale, Episode 12: “Afterbirth.”

We’ve collected every single spoiler we could find for these last two episodes, including preview clips for “Birth,” and listed them here. And, just in case this needs to be said, do not continue reading if you don’t want major (and minor) spoilers revealed!

American Horror Story Complete Spoiler Guide for Final Episodes: ”Birth” and ”Afterbirth”
Credit: Ray Mickshaw/ FX    

First, let’s discuss Violate (Violet & Tate).

  • According to sources at E!, “even though they are the exact opposite of a traditional couple, Tate (Evan Peters) will go above and beyond to show his love for her in a very traditional way.” Yes, our first thought was marriage.
  • We will see Tate surfing the internet, somewhat unsuccessfully. He’ll be looking for a YouTube video to cheer Violet (Taissa Farmiga) up about that whole “you’re stuck here forever and ever” thing. But he can’t figure out how to spell YouTube.
  • According to show creator Ryan Murphy, “They will eventually find out if she’s dead, and imagine what you would do as a parent if you found out your child was dead. Would you want to live? Would you want to die yourself?”

What’s going on with the 23 ghosts trapped in Murder House?

  • Along with some helpful AHS commenters over at EW, we can list 23 known ghosts that are currently existing in one form or another in the Harmons’ house. For the complete list, see this comment.
  • Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) will officially give birth, inside Murder House, in “Birth.” Dr. Charles Montgomery (Matt Ross) will “do the honors, and many others will look on.”
  • Remember those annoying redheaded twins who love to break things? They’ll come back, “and they’ll be doing their destructive best to keep the Harmons in the house.” So, safe to say that they’ll be trying to murder Vivien and Ben (Dylan McDermott).
  • The face of Infantata will be (briefly) revealed! The disjointed Montgomery baby, brought back to “life” by Charles using pigs’ body parts, placenta, prostitutes’ hearts, and something evil, was originally named Thaddeus by the then-sane couple. But the baby is credited as Infantata in the Pilot. As Ryan says, “[In “Birth”], you really get to see what that little baby has grown up to look like and it’s really scary. I think it’s the scariest shot of the year.”
  • Violate is on a mission to eradicate at least some of the spirits. Judging from one of the clips below, we’re assuming that Chad (Zachary Quinto) and his boyfriend Patrick (Teddy Sears) are first on the list.

American Horror Story Complete Spoiler Guide for Final Episodes: ”Birth” and ”Afterbirth”
Credit: Ray Mickshaw/ FX    

As for the actual birth of Vivien’s twins with Ben and Tate...

  • “Those trapped in Murder House will want to attend the coming of whatever is coming out of Viv,” according to TV Guide. We already know who has vocalized their desire for the baby: Constance (Jessica Lange), Hayden (Megan Mara), Older Moira (Frances Conroy), Nora (Lily Rabe), and Chadrick.
  • In one scene, we will see Ben and Vivien in a hospital room, wearing standard hospital clothes, smiling ecstatically. A generic, faceless doctor will be down by Viv’s ankles. If we were the gambling sort, we would guess that this is a flashback to happier times, when Viv was giving birth to Violet.
  • In that same scene, the doctor will tell the happy couple, “You have a healthy baby [spoiler]!” Yes, our guess is “girl,” if we are seeing Violet’s birth in a flashback.
  • “The Harmons will share a sweet moment (read: moment).”
  • Someone MAJOR will die. Okay, okay, so you already think that Vivien and possibly Ben will die because of those one-season-only rumors early on. But, both Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott are eager to sign on for Season 2, “dead or alive.” We’re going to go out on a limb here, and just throw it out there: what if Constance dies in “Afterbirth”?

In the meantime, enjoy these preview clips from Episode 11: “Birth,” and tell us your guesses, thoughts, and predictions in the comments below!

Sources: E! Online, EW, TV Guide, SpoilerTV

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